LOOK: Cool Chicken Surfs West Virginia Floodwaters

by Amy Myers

You’ve heard of skateboarding dogs. Now, get ready for surfing chickens. In none other than West Virginia, onlookers gathered to watch as one of the neighborhood chickens casually cruised down the flooded street on the back of a boogie board.

The chicken – later revealed to be “Shelly” – belonged to Peyton Rogers and his family. The Rogers chickens were something of local celebrities to the families of Tornado, West Virginia, now more than ever.

According to neighbor Amber Koerber, her husband, Jonathan, hatched the idea to float Shelly down Greenbrier Way.

Once a recent storm passed and left a temporary river in its wake. Naturally, the kids hoped that they would be the ones boogie-boarding down the road, but they quickly found out that the water was still too shallow to hold them up.

But for Shelly, that was a different story.

In order to lift the kids’ spirits, Jonathan Koerber suggested that Rogers let his beloved pet chicken go for a ride. Surprisingly, he agreed.

At first, Amber said that Shelly looked a bit shocked. But after she adjusted to her situation, she “seemed to enjoy it.”

And the pictures clearly reflect that. Shelly doesn’t look the least bit upset about her situation as she glided across the flooded road. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this wasn’t her first surfing trip.

At the end of her ride, the surfing chicken and her board came to a gentle spot where she then easily dismounted, warranting a well-deserved round of applause.

Of course, neighbors just had to share the hilarious moment online with those who don’t have the privilege of knowing Shelly in person. The Facebook video now has over 51,000 views.

“Got to love Peyton and his chickens,” one neighbor wrote in the comments.

If you thought Shelly was the only chicken that enjoyed a good wave, we’re happy to prove you wrong.

Fellow surfer Mrs. Chook is a Plymouth Rock breed hen that is also quite familiar with a boogie board and often takes trips to the beach with her mom, Elaine Janes. In fact, she’s a pretty gifted surfer on much larger waves.

Mrs. Chook’s mom happily explained that her chicken looks forward to any opportunity to be in the water. Life in a backyard would be too boring for the fearless bird.

“From the look on her face, she loves it,” Janes told The Age.

And that’s not the only sport that Mrs. Chook enjoys. According to Janes, the chicken is also a skilled skateboarder and canoer.

“She fears nothing because I think she knows she’s safe, it’s safe with me,” Janes added. “If you put her there, that’s what she’ll do.”