LOOK: Dad’s Halloween Experiment Results in Accidental Pumpkin Patch

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Helaine Weide

Well, this caught us off gourd. After a dad tried a science experiment, he got something he never expected, but it was perfect for the upcoming spooky season. According to reports, the experiment resulted in a random backyard pumpkin patch. So would this be considered a trick or a treat? 

TikTok user Michael Anderson lives in upstate New York — where the country’s largest pumpkin currently resides. In the state, pumpkins, and squash easily grow due to the hospitable soil and climate. 

However, when Anderson casually tossed a rotting pumpkin into his yard, he didn’t think it would transform into a pumpkin haven. “That time we accidentally turned one pumpkin into 27 pumpkins,” the video’s caption read.

@mandertok That time we accidentally turned 1 pumpkin into 27 pumpkins. 😳 #pumpkinguy #becauseupstatenewyork #pumpkins ♬ original sound – Michael Anderson

According to Anderson, last Halloween, he decided to try out an experiment when the family’s pumpkins started to rot on their porch.”Why don’t we just throw it in the back corner of the yard just to see if, perchance, it’ll grow next year?” he said to his kid.

Then, even before the fall season hit, his yard and a portion of his neighbor’s yard had transitioned into a “massive pumpkin patch” by August. According to Anderson, the pumpkins, their leaves, vines, and flowers covered the area. “I have no idea how it happened to this extent,” he admitted.

However, a month later, in September, he was ready to harvest the pumpkins and use them for decoration.

“Not me seeing this after actually trying to grow pumpkins for a year and failing miserably,” a user said in the comments. “We had a sweet potato that was growing in the pantry and my kid buried it in the backyard. We had sweet potatoes for years,” another wrote about their own experiment. 

“I had that with watermelon I had over 60 big-size watermelons!” another TikToker added.

“Never underestimate the pumpkin. I once had a pumpkin for three years. It never died. When I threw it away it always came back,” another wrote. “I accidentally did that with those mini gourds. Things got out of hand very quickly.”

New York pumpkin sets new U.S. record for the heaviest gourd

Nearby, one farmer recently weighed in their pumpkin, coming in a massive 2,554 pounds. The giant gourd has now set a new U.S. record for the heaviest pumpkin. 

The Buffalo News reported that state and national records fell over the weekend at the Great Pumpkin Farm in the Buffalo suburb of Clarence when Scott Andrusz’s pumpkin the previous national record of 2,528 pounds.

A news release said the previous New York state record was 2,517 pounds. The winning gourd will be displayed at the Great Pumpkin Farm fall festival until October 16.

A farmer in Italy currently holds the world record for the heaviest pumpkin. According to reports from Guinness World Records, he grew a 2,702-pound squash in 2021.