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LOOK: Enormous Black Mamba Has Staring Contest With Snake Catcher

by Caitlin Berard
Close Up of Deadly Black Mamba Snake
(Photo by Howard Pugh (Marais) via Getty Images)

When professional reptile wrangler Nick Evans was called to a local home for a snake removal, he encountered a particularly “confident” black mamba, the enormous snake staring him down from a tree branch above.

The longest snake in Africa, even the average black mamba reaches an intimidating size of 7 to 8 feet in length. This one, however, was even larger. At nearly 10 feet long, it was the largest of the species Evans had ever found.

As if its sheer size wasn’t frightening enough, mambas also possess a deadly venom capable of killing an adult human within 30 minutes. Looking up at the monstrous reptile, Evans knew this mission called for extra care.

“To most people, any Black Mamba is large, and rightly so, as they’re big snakes. But often, to a snake remover, we consider these supposedly large snakes relatively small. That was not the case today,” Evans said in a Facebook post.

Upon arriving at the house, Evans first spotted the snake through the resident’s fence. Needing to get closer to the snake to remove it from the tree, he carefully opened the gate. As he did, the mamba locked eyes with him, holding his gaze unblinkingly from a mere four feet away.

Snake Catcher Successfully Retrieves Monster Black Mamba

Like many snakes, black mambas are typically timid animals, despite their violent reputation. This one, however, didn’t budge an inch, nor did it look away from the slowly approaching snake catcher.

“The massive mamba just stared at me,” Evans recalled. “I was close, about 1.5 meters away. Usually, a mamba would have fled by now. I think this one had more confidence than most. Perhaps thinking, ‘Surely this creature isn’t going to attack me.'”

At this point, the reptile wrangler realized just how large the black mamba was. It wasn’t just 10 feet long but unusually wide as well. After weighing it, he found that it was a whopping 8 pounds.

“I couldn’t believe the girth of it,” he said. “This is a well-fed animal. There apparently used to be Dassies around. Used to be, I see where they went. Large rats certainly would have been on the menu. It probably sniffed out any feral kittens in the area too.”

“Its head was large for a mamba, and it had a few scars,” Evans continued. “An old-looking mamba, perhaps 15 to 20 years if I had to hazard a guess. To see and rescue an animal like this, is very, very special. Certainly made my day!”

Despite its menacing appearance, the massive black mamba allowed itself to be removed from the three without a fight. “It was the most simple of captures,” the snake catcher said. “Its head was closest to me, so I just grabbed it with the tongs, let it reverse, and secured it in my hand. That was it really. Quick and easy.”