LOOK: Enormous Boa Constrictor Found in Front Yard of Colorado Home

by Chris Haney
(Brownie Harris via Getty Images)

Recently, residents of a Colorado neighborhood came across a shocking find in one of the house’s front yards – a huge boa constrictor. Earlier this week, the likely escaped pet decided to slither through the neighborhood in Fort Collins, which is around 60 miles north of Denver. Thankfully, a local exotic pet organization responded to the scene and rescued the boa.

The Northern Colorado Herpetological Society arrived at the home on Monday and found a 5.5-foot long, 16-pound boa constrictor in the front yard. A representative for the organization spoke with Newsweek and shared further details about the encounter.

“She was originally found by a good samaritan from Animal Friends Alliance in a residential front yard,” the spokesperson said to Newsweek. “They were able to get her into a tote bin and bring her to us on the same day she was found without incident, as she has a sweet and docile temperament.”

The NCHS also posted a pair of photos of the rescued boa constrictor on the organization’s Facebook page.

There’s around 40 species of boa constrictors, which are large non-venomous snakes. The particular one found in Fort Collins this week seems to share the same pattern of the red-tailed boa.

“She was brought in and given a veterinary checkup upon arrival,” the NCHS spokesperson added. “We found old burn scars (healed), cleaned out her mouth, and helped with some stuck shed. We are currently monitoring her breathing for signs of upper respiratory infection.”

Although boas are native to tropical South and Central America, numerous have become pets in the U.S. Between 1977 and 1983, around 113,000 boa constrictors were imported to America as pets.

Owner Offers Reward for Lost Boa Constrictor Named Steve Irwin

In other recent boa constrictor news, another snake owner’s pet got loose last month in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Locals were warned about the 6-foot-long boa’s escape and asked to keep an eye out for it. The snake’s name is Steve Irwin, after the famous Australian conservationist and TV personality. And the Mercer County Humane Society is attempting to rescue the snake to return it home safely.

Supposedly, Steve slithered out the front door of his owner’s home a couple weeks ago in September. A spokesperson for the Humane Society talked to local Mercer County news outlet The Herald about the missing snake.

“It’s kind of a serious thing,” Paul Tobin told The Herald. “So we just wanted to let everyone know this thing is out there, and if you see it, you probably shouldn’t play with it.”

The snake’s owner has said that his snake isn’t poisonous and that it shouldn’t have been searching for food. They shared that Steve has recently been fed. Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean the boa constrictor would turn down an easy meal.

“These snakes are opportunists. So if the opportunity arose, it would probably eat,” Topin explained. The spokesperson also added that he estimates the snake “could be anywhere within a 75-mile radius.”

Further, the owner is offering a $200 reward for anyone who safely returns Steve. Some locals have commented that the reward should be larger for dealing with the large snake. But Tobin pointed out that no one should actually handle the boa. Instead of catching it, Tobin said to call and report the sighting so they can rescue Steve safely.