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LOOK: Entire Skeleton Hanging in Crevice Reveals Caribou’s Unfortunate Fate

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

An eerie photo of a skeleton dangling in a narrow rock crevice recently went viral on social media. The photo of the caribou skeleton reveals the animal likely suffered an agonizingly slow death. It’s possible that its large antlers long prevented the animal from meeting the release of certain death.

The above photo, which featured on the popular Instagram page Nature is Metal, was taken in August of last year. The post’s author didn’t specify where the photo was taken. However, they did share what was likely the harsh realities of the animal’s final hours.

In the caption, they wrote, “It is one thing to have bad luck, which is what I would call the act of tripping/slipping into that gap in the first place, but it is quite another to have the unholy misfortune of being forced to endure your eventual demise minute by minute, hour by hour, instead of just falling to your death.”

Sympathizing with the dead caribou’s situation, the writer continued, “I sincerely hope my hypothetical scenario is incorrect, and that the caribou broke its neck on impact, because I would not wish such a fate on my most hated nemesis.”

Followers had similar reactions to the eerie photo of the caribou’s antlers and spine.

“What a messed up way to die. Nature is metal af,” one viewer said. Another added, “That has to be the most brutal photo to date.”

Mule Deer, Cousin of the Caribou, Slips Massive Antlers Beneath Metal Gate in Humorous Clip

Some animals are more adept at maneuvering their massive racks through brush, trees, and other obstacles than others, and, sadly, the caribou above just didn’t have the best luck with his rack. However, in another viral post, a massive mule deer with a huge set of antlers somehow managed to finagle its big body and even bigger rack beneath a relatively low metal gate. And the videographer’s narration of the encounter makes the buck’s feat even more worthwhile to watch. Be sure to check out the footage.

Meandering up to the gate, the buck lowers its head, tilting it to the right and left as it shoves first one antler then the other beneath the bottom rung of the gate. Dropping to its belly with its forelegs planted firmly in front of it, the buck slides under the gate, getting to his feet and wandering the property.

Meanwhile, viewers can hear the videographer narrating the buck’s movements.

“Excuse me,” he quips, “I’m just gonna scooch in right here if you don’t mind.”

Trying not to laugh, he whispers, “We’ve been trying to contact you regarding your car’s extended warranty.”

Impressed viewers praised the buck’s intelligence.

“OK, don’t shoot this one,” one viewer quipped, “he might develop language skills.”

A second viewer added, “[That] buck has more common sense than most of [the] American workforce.”