LOOK: Firefighters Rescue Huge Buck Tangled in Backyard Lacrosse Net

by Caitlin Berard

September is here, which means cooler weather and longer nights as autumn makes its gentle descent onto the Northern Hemisphere. As winter creeps closer, our focus shifts from beach days and boat rides to crackling fires and the coziness of the holidays. And though we rarely see it firsthand, wildlife all around us are preparing for winter as well.

Birds begin their long journeys south and bears start their pre-hibernation diets, gaining as much weight as possible before the coldest part of the year sets in. For moose and deer, the arrival of fall means it’s time to find a mate.

During the rut (a deer’s mating season), bucks go on the hunt for their ideal doe, which often leads to higher amounts of deer sightings, especially in areas with heavy deer populations.

So when the dedicated firefighters at the Hanover, Massachusetts, Fire Department got a call to respond to a nearby emergency, they weren’t all that surprised to learn that the incident didn’t involve a fire, nor was the victim human.

Instead, it was a huge buck. As the male deer crept through the backyard of a nearby home, its antlers became tangled in the family’s backyard lacrosse net. And though a buck’s rack is made of bone and can be used to fight off predators and other male deer, in dire circumstances, it’s not nearly sharp enough to cut through polyester netting.

Massachusetts Firefighters Save the Buck Trapped in a Lacrosse Net

Upon arriving on the scene, firefighters went to work freeing the buck from its unusual predicament. The deer was understandably frightened, however, and wouldn’t allow them to simply untangle the net. To free him, they had to cut through the lacrosse net completely.

The Hanover Fire Department then shared the experience on their Facebook page, including a picture of the fearless firefighter working to save the buck from what could have become a dangerous situation.

“Hanover Firefighters were recently called to a residence for an animal rescue,” they wrote in the caption. “A large buck got caught up in a lacrosse net and became entangled by his rack. Hanover Firefighters were able to cut away the netting from the rack and free the deer.”

According to the HFD, the terrified deer attempted to fight them off, not realizing they were there to save him. Thankfully, however, both the deer and the firefighters left the scene without any major injuries. “The buck put up a good fight,” they added. “But a few bumps and bruises were well worth getting this animal back into the wild!”

It didn’t take long for users to flood the comments of the post, thanking the firefighters for their heroic efforts. “Hanover Fire Dept is the BEST!” one user wrote. “Great job guys,” another said. “HFD is amazing!!!!” added a third.