LOOK: Florida Driver Cruises Down Highway With Massive Alligator Strapped to Back of SUV

by Sean Griffin

In this viral photo on Twitter, a Floridian drives down the highway with a huge dead alligator strapped to the back of their Chevy SUV. Another driver snapped the picture over Labor Day Weekend while driving south of Melbourne, Florida.

The massive creature was knotted up from its shuttered snout all the way to its tail and did not appear to be alive, Click Orlando first reported on the strange incident on Tuesday, stating that the huge creature didn’t appear to be alive. Its snout was tied shut and a few cables corralled its body inside the small trailer the Chevy SUV towed. The gator’s body takes up the entire length of the vehicle and then some. The hunters folded the gator’s tail back toward the car to make more room.

Karen Kress drove behind the vehicle and snapped a photo of the incredible sight.

However, there seems to be a simple explanation for the picture: gator hunting season.

Floridians are right in the middle of alligator hunting season. Many believe that the gator had been killed and was being transported home by the hunter.

From August 15 to November 1, people with valid permits from Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission can hunt the reptiles.

More than 15,000 people apply for a small amount of permits each year. The commission offers only 7,000 permits each year, according to Space Coast Daily. The Sunshine State contains an estimated 1.3 million alligators.

The crazy photo can be viewed below.

Alligator Slams Another Gator in Vicious Wild Encounter

According to the Miami Herald, a huge alligator attacked another gator at Florida’s Silver Springs State Park on Thursday, August 4th around 3:30 p.m. Two videos of the incident emerged on social media.

The first video posted to YouTube by an account called Florida Swamp Barbie shows the giant gator with the other gator in its jaws. Then, the reptile shows off its incredible physical strength by slamming the gator against the shore.

In the Herald article, they speculate the larger alligator tried to smash the other gator against the rock to rip it into smaller, easier-to-eat pieces. Apparently, cannibalism remains a common occurrence in American alligators. A 1993 study conducted by the Louisiana State Agricultural Center found that larger, mature gators use this tactic against smaller gators.

Most people know that alligators frequently use the maneuver referred to as the “death roll.” However, these larger gators can do great damage by this body-slamming method, apparently.

A woman named Tammy Shaw posted a different angle of the same incident in a Facebook post. She captured the wild scene while paddle-boarding. “My [inflatable] paddleboard is 11 feet, and he was close to that [in size] if not longer. The gator he was eating would have been 5 to 7 feet,” Shaw told the Miami Herald. “The video cut short because I felt a little too close for comfort after he slammed [the small gator] down.”