LOOK: Gruesome Photo Shows Whitetail Buck That Speared Itself Trying to Jump a Cemetery Fence

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

When animals like a whitetail buck come into areas they are not familiar with in life, then things can go really wrong. For a case in point, take a look at our photo right here. A whitetail buck ends up spearing itself. How did this happen? The buck was reportedly trying to jump a cemetery fence. As you can see, tragically it did not happen. The buck’s intestines can be seen in this photo. Sometimes, these viral photos will reflect what can happen in nature.

Steven Rinella of Meateater fame wrote, “That’s a whitetail buck that got himself speared atop a cemetery fence in Maryland — but there’s more to the story. This photo was taken by Trae Zipperer, at the Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery. The grounds are home to the remains of some of the 4,000 Confederate soldiers who died while being held at a nearby prisoner camp following the Battle of Gettysburg. Trae is the founder of ByMemorialDay.com. This non-profit helps organize and supply volunteer groups who clean and maintain the headstones of veterans who were laid to rest outside of national cemeteries.”

Video Captures Whitetail Buck Going For Corn In Water

Individuals were commenting on the post in different ways. While one person thought it might have been clickbait for Rinella to run it, others were trying to figure out the buck’s game plan here. It is quite a challenging photo to see and take into account what happened. But again, this is something that reflects the nature of, well, nature. Unpredictable things will happen and tragedies do occur. Sadly, this whitetail buck would lose its life while trying to go over the fence.

In other whitetail buck-related happenings, a Georgia whitetail buck put its full head in the water to eat some corn. According to Georgia Outdoor News, Jeffrey Autrey told the publication that he’d captured the buck on video. How did he do so? Through a camera that he mounted out in the field. Autrey would say, “With all the rain lately, that spot started to flood. At first, I got some photos of the buck. Then, I switched the camera to video. That’s when I caught that deer on video sticking his entire head under the water to feed off the bottom to get at that corn.”

This video did get filmed at night. So, the buck probably found the food by using its sense of smell. That is what Autrey is assuming happened in this situation. Seeing a whitetail buck go for food in what is relatively dirty water is pretty interesting. Hey, this one was just looking to feed himself and ease the hunger pains.