LOOK: Huge Snake Hitches Ride on Truck Driver’s Windshield 1 Week After Chicken Does the Same

by Amy Myers

While driving home from work, a Florida motorist recently had not just one animal hitchhiker but two within the past week – first, a chicken and then a huge snake.

As crazy as it is to have a chicken on the hood of your truck, it doesn’t quite get the adrenaline pumping as an unknown reptile does. For whatever reason, both the bird and the serpent chose the same resting spot, and the driver can’t decide whether it’s a sign of good luck or bad.

Naturally, the unnamed Brevard County man preferred to have the chicken as a passenger rather than the snake.

“The snake was kind of the craziest, but the chicken was definitely the coolest experience because it was actually pretty friendly,” he told FOX 35 Orlando. “I can’t say the same about the snake.”

According to the man, he stayed with the chicken for about an hour before someone came to rescue it and bring it back home. As for the reptile, well, it’s safe to say the motorist didn’t stick around quite that long. How he got the animal off of his truck he didn’t say.

Hitchhiking Animal Could Be Corn or Northern Mole Snake

It’s not quite clear what type of snake decided to hitch a ride on the man’s truck. However, among the native serpents in Florida, the two types that most closely resemble the one from the iconic photo are red corn and Northern mole snakes, both of which are nonvenomous.

According to the species descriptions from the University of Florida’s snake ID guide, the coloring and pattern of the reptile’s splotches seem to suggest that it could be a mole snake. But unlike red corn snakes, these auburn-colored cousins don’t make a lot of appearances in urban settings.

Whatever the species, though, the animal definitely wouldn’t appreciate a ride on the highway.

Fellow Motorist Flips out When She Finds Reptile on Her Windshield

The Florida man isn’t alone in his discovery. In fact, a Kansas woman driving down a highway had a very similar experience when she found an unlucky and likely terrified snake fighting the road’s winds to slither across the windshield.

Though not as big as the red-shaded one in Florida, this reptile seemed to have the same idea for a temporary shelter. Unfortunately for the creatures, they quickly found out how risky the hood of a car is once headed down a high-speed road.

In this instance, the woman recorded (and somehow still kept the car straight) as the snake made its way to her driverside window, desperately searching for a stable place to rest. Finally, when the motorist pulled over, the serpent was able to slink off the car and into the grass of a nearby neighborhood.

Take a look.