LOOK: Hunter Drops ‘Super Freak’ Pronghorn With Horns Sticking Out Horizontally

by Emily Morgan

When seasoned pronghorn hunter Hank Osterkamp headed to New Mexico for a hunting trip in August, he and his guide knew exactly what they wanted to hunt. As it turns out, he and his guide, David Brown, were able to tag a nearly 30-inch-wide pronghorn within the first 15 minutes of opening day.

The buck, whom they later nicknamed “Chopper,” is, plainly put, an anomaly by pronghorn standards. Instead of going up and in, its horns are laid out horizontally.

After close inspection, they learned that their prize buck has an inside spread of 29 and ¾ inches from tip to tip. With nearly 84 inches of antler total, Osterkamp says the unusual buck was what he hoped to hunt successfully.

“He was just a giant in every sense of the word,” Osterkamp said. “A giant super freak, you know. For some reason, I’ve always just been in love with the freaks.”

Osterkamp also said he’d hunted with Brown before, who helped him tag his biggest pronghorn in his hunting career back in 2017. Then, when Osterkamp drew a public land tag in central New Mexico earlier this year, he couldn’t wait to hunt with Brown again.

According to Osterkamp, Brown called him a few weeks before their hunt and told him he’d already found an odd-looking buck on the land. Then, after sending him a pic of the buck, Osterkamp knew he had to do everything he could to tag him.

Pronghorn hunters tag unusual buck in just 15 minutes

“I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that thing’s amazing,'” Osterkamp admitted, “and I told David, ‘You can stop looking right now. I don’t even want to think about another one.'”

Once Brown and Osterkamp arrived in central New Mexico, they knew exactly where they planned to start first on opening morning.

The night before, the pair had glassed the buck. Then, when they drove out to the area before sunrise, the buck hadn’t moved much. In fact, they could see Chopper’s distinctive antlers from a mile away.

Then, just 15 minutes after the sun rose, the duo slowly got within 250 yards of the buck. Carefully, Osterkamp got his Gunwerks 28 Nosler on the shooting sticks and fired off a shot. As a result, he spun the buck, and it dropped in a matter of seconds.

Afterward, Osterkamp and Brown rough-scored the buck to be somewhere in the mid-80s. However, Osterkamp revealed he’ll have a Boone and Crockett scorer investigate the rack after the 60-day drying period is over.

“He could be a record-book buck even as freaky as he is,” Osterkamp added of his novel hunt.