LOOK: Kansas Hunter Finds Buck With Broken Neck Frozen in Creek Bed

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

It was a strange moment frozen in time as a Kansas hunter came across a buck frozen into a creek bed. Upon a closer look, the hunter found the animal had suffered a broken neck. The man also shared that the buck was found with wounds primarily on its neck. The reports note that the wounds are believed to have come from a battle. The same battle that likely left the buck with a broken neck.

“Travis Kelley found this buck frozen in a creek bed in northeast Kansas,” notes a recent Facebook post highlighting the very unusual find. According to the Hunting News Facebook page, this buck was discovered while the hunter was out and about for bow season last weekend.

“His neck was broken,” the message posted along with the pics notes.

The comment also notes that the buck suffered a “puncture wound in his neck,” from what was likely an epic battle. “That’s one crazy awesome scene!” the Hunting News Facebook post exclaims.

Facebook Responds To The Wild Photo Of Frozen Buck

It is certainly an unusual sight to see when walking in the wilderness during hunting season. Some commenters note that this buck wasn’t discovered in Kansas like the post claims. According to these Facebook users, this pic has been floating around online for some time now. These claims note that the doomed buck was hit by a car and later posed to sit like this.

Other Facebook users hadn’t seen the pic before, commenting on the story that coincides with the post. One commenter quips that the frozen animal is “already freezer ready” sitting frozen in the pond.

However, this commenter says in the post, it was likely not a pleasant way to go. After all, the comment notes, nature can certainly be cruel at times.

“I’m sure it sucked to go that way for him,” the Facebook user notes on the social media site in the post’s comment section. “Nature can be cruel at times.”

Another comment wonders if this deer wandered over to the water’s edge to hopefully treat the wound before it passed away from the battle. “He went to [the] water with his wound and pain,” assumes the commenter.

Either way, the commenter says, this was a “sad ending for such a magnificent animal.”

“Boy would that be a cool mount,” another Facebook user says.

“[Frozen] in a river like that,” the comment adds. “Have to have a big room for it.”