LOOK: Man Builds Entire Miniature Movie Theater for Backyard Squirrels

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

When your local squirrel population starts to become a nuisance, what do you do? You make lemonade out of lemons. Recently, a Michigan man spent several hundred dollars putting together a miniature movie theater, entirely meant to service his backyard squirrels. See the little sanctuary below.

Per NowThis’s clip, the man, Jason Lenzi of Detroit, MI, spent $600 creating the mini movie theater for local squirrels. As we see in the video, the little structure sees a working movie screen, cups full of berries and seeds, decorative chocolate bars and bags of candy. It also features a tiny toilet and LED lights so that the movie theater would appear as authentic as a real one.

The outlet reports Lenzi wanted the squirrels to genuinely experience what it’s like to visit a movie theater. And he insists the furry little creatures can actually be seen watching the screen.

The construction of the critters’ tiny movie theater took two months in total. Humorously the outlet reports, “For the first few days, the business was struggling” but eventually things picked up. The first “customer” came and grabbed a walnut off the tiny snack bar. After that, business began booming for Lenzi.

Overall, “opening weekend was a great success,” with the first two visitors beginning to attract other hungry, thrill-seeking squirrels.

‘Splooting’ Squirrels Go Viral Across California

The first day of fall fell on September 22nd, however, in states like California, temperatures don’t appear to be cooling off any time soon. Earlier this month, a population of CA squirrels went viral after locals caught the tiny creatures “splooting” amid scorching heat.

Essentially, splooting, which sees a squirrel lying flat on its belly with its limbs and tail outstretched, allows the animal to cool itself down. And with temperatures in CA reaching an unbearable 105 degrees, this cooling mechanism has become an increasingly common sight.

At first, CA residents were becoming concerned as that kind of behavior is pretty unusual. Amid the high temperatures in early September, WildCare in San Rafael stated said that they had begun receiving loads of calls about “hot animals” and specifically squirrels who were “spread out flat.”

Animal experts assured Californians that they had no reason to worry.

“If you see a squirrel lying down like this,” said New York City Park on their Twitter page, “don’t worry. It’s just fine. On hot days, squirrels like to keep cool by splooting (stretching out) on cool surfaces to reduce body heat. It is sometimes referred to as heat dumping.”

After authorities assured CA residents and Americans nationwide that the squirrels’ strange behavior was totally normal, people began posting photos of their own splooting critters online.

“Splooting!!” one Twitter user wrote. “I love that word.” Another posted a photo, writing, “My corgi does this too!”