LOOK: Maned Wolf Carries Pup in Its Mouth in Rare Moment Caught on Camera

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A rare pic surfaced this week as a maned wolf was pictured carrying her young pup in its mouth. The adorably candid pic gives us a glimpse into a part of the wildlife world that we don’t often get to see up close.

“Maned wolf and her pup,” notes the Nature Is Lit post.

In this pic, the elder wolf looks to be focusing on something as it trudges along the snowy landscape. The pup, however, looks to be feeling frustrated at the fact its mother is carrying it.

Perhaps the young cub was getting into mischief and the momma had to reign it in a little bit. Any parents with rambunctious littles likely recognize the look the cub is giving the camera. And it’s adorably hilarious to see that all parents, even wildlife parents like this maned wolf, go through these moments. And, the Redditors commenting on the same pic through the post featuring the same pic seem to be thinking the same thing!

Redditors Are Loving The Adorable Pic Of The Canine Carrying Its Young Pup In The Adorable Pic

Redditors immediately honed in on the look the young wolf pup is giving as it remains clasped protectively in the elder wolf’s jaws. One commenter puts to words what it looks like this young wolf is thinking.

“Awwwwww mom!” the Redditor comments.

“Not in front of the other kids!” this Redditor hilariously quips.

Another commenter responds to this hilarious take noting that this was just what they were thinking when looking at the pic. “The look on the little one’s face!” the commenter adds.

“The Look on his face is [hilariously] cute,” another Redditor notes in the post. While another commenter jokes “Puppy says, “Whaaaaaaaaaa?””

One Redditor wonders if this little maned wolf pup has been a little too wild. And now momma has had about enough. This commenter hilariously notes that “Someone’s in trouble…”

“Please mama,” another commenter says. “[Just] another five minutes at the playground.”

The Maned Wolf Is Native To South America

The maned wolf is the largest canine in the South American region from which it originates. The unique animal has a look that is a cross between and deer and a fox…and it’s not really a wolf, either. According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, these animals which stand around 3 feet tall at the shoulder are native to multiple South American regions. Regions such as northern Argentina, South and Central Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and southern Peru.