LOOK: Massive Black Mamba Discovered Stuck in Wall Behind Toilet

by Amy Myers

An unsuspecting flat resident received quite the surprise when a snake rescuer pounded on their door and warned of a black mamba that was making its way up to their bathroom or kitchen.

The rescuer, Nick Evans, was responding to a call from a block of flats near Pinetown. Apparently, an electrician that was working in the basement spotted the black mamba and alerted the snake expert. Once at the building, Evans discovered that the mamba had made its way into the wall around some pipes. He tried to grab hold of the serpent but failed to extract it from the precarious position.

“I walked through the passages of this basement, below the units, and saw the mamba in a hole in the wall, on some pipes,” Evans explained in a Facebook post. “I grabbed the tail, and when the head appeared, I grabbed that. But I had to release it- its body was wedged in, and it was either going to pull out of my hand, or hurt itself trying. As I did that, it dashed behind the pipes and headed up, and I couldn’t grab it! Up it went, towards the units.”

For the snake rescuer, it was quite a surprise that the animal could escape up the wall. In fact, he thought the mamba couldn’t wriggle out of the basement wall. Once the black mamba was on the move, though, Evans knew they needed to warn the residents.

“One of the staff at the flat had to go and knock on the door of the unit above, and explain there was a Black Mamba coming up to their bathroom or kitchen,” he said. “Not something one expects to hear.”

Snake Rescuer Recovers Black Mamba From Behind Bathroom Cupboard

The team found the black mamba snuggled up behind the tiles of the tenant’s bathroom, near the toilet behind a small cupboard. But finding the snake was only half of the battle.

“I grabbed it with my tongs, and lifted the tail towards me so I can grab it with my hands,” Evans said. “I hoped I could just pull it out. But things were getting even more complicated.”

Now, the snake was stuck.

“I [had] the head in my right hand, and was trying to free the body with my left hand, while standing on the toilet- the lid of which eventually broke,” the snake rescuer explained.

After an hour of back-breaking work, Evans tried a different tactic and began prying the tile off, “but like the mamba, it wouldn’t budge.”

Then he noticed that the pipe that led to the kitchen sink had a loose connection.

“I realized if we could push it right out of there, back into the kitchen cupboard, the mamba would be free,” he said.

Thankfully, this worked and the black mamba was finally safe (though admittedly, a little worse for wear).

Regardless of the grueling work, Evans said it was “A challenging, interesting but rewarding rescue.”