LOOK: Massive Moose Seen Roaming Around Montana Neighborhood

by Tia Bailey
Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

A huge moose has been wandering around a neighborhood in Montana. The moose was caught on photo by a local photographer.

Laura Porter was driving around Billings, Montana hoping to find animals to take pictures of. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to seek out too hard — a moose was on the loose and appeared to her.

“I came over that hill coming towards the Zoo Drive exit, and I saw this big black thing in the field,” Porter said to KTVQ. “I thought this has got to be either a cow or a bear, but it was so big.”

Porter had her camera with her as she came out with the intent of capturing wildlife on camera, so that’s exactly what she did. The news station shared a photo she took of the moose in their article.

“It’s so exciting anytime you get to see wildlife out and about,” Porter shared.

The moose is just hanging out in a field in the photo, looking off into the distance. It’s interesting that Porter was able to get close enough to not disturb the animal but still capture great photos — a true talent of wildlife photographers.

She shared some tips for those who would like to do the same.

“Definitely keep your distance. There’s very few wildlife that I would say get up and touch it,” Porter said.

Porter wasn’t the only one who stumbled upon the moose. Locals in the area also noticed him out and about. Suzanne Erpenbach shared her experience seeing him.

“I was feeding the ducks this morning. It was early, and all of a sudden this male moose just came running along here,” Erpenbach said. “He just stopped for a moment and looked at me, and then trotted along his way.”

Bull Moose Spotted in Montana

Although quite a few people saw the moose gallivanting around, it isn’t a common occurrence.

“We see deer, and we’ve seen raccoons and a fox, but no moose,” Erpenbach said.

MTN News went out and saw the moose in the area as well. Many people were around it, amazed that it was just hanging out.

“He was so beautiful. He was stunning,” Erpenbach said. “I was just upset because I didn’t take a picture.”

Mammal Rescued After Getting Tangled in Volleyball Net

A bull moose was trapped in a net in Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife – Northwest Region’s Twitter account shared more on the situation.

“Sometimes we all need a little extra help. Wildlife officers helped free a young bull moose tangled in a volleyball net in Breckenridge earlier today. Officers stood by helping the moose stay upright to aid in breathing while the effects of the drugs used to sedate him wore off,” they wrote.

Thankfully, the moose made it out okay.