LOOK: Massive Swarm of Cannonball Jellyfish Wash Up on Ocracoke Island

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: David Gombka

We got ourselves a jellyfish jamboree. A massive swarm of Cannonball Jellyfish recently washed up on the northern end of Ocracoke Island, according to a report from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (CHNS).

The bizarre moment was caught on camera by the National Seashore. However, multiple onlookers and residents have reported seeing Cannonball Jellyfish both in the local waters and along the Ocracoke and Hatteras Island shorelines.

“Jellyfish can’t swim, so they float along with the winds and currents,” the national seashore wrote in an Instagram post revealing the sci-fi-looking scene. “Colder water temperatures, winds, and currents can all play a role in them washing ashore.”

The post continued: “What do these jellyfish eat? Zooplankton and Red Drum larvae. It’s spawning season for Red Drum, where a female can lay around 1.5 million eggs per batch. That’s a lot of jellyfish food!”

While this particular species of jellyfish typically don’t use stinging as a defense mechanism, officials advise the public to refrain from touching them to be safe.

According to the CHNS, the National Park Service will keep the jellyfish on the shoreline to let nature run its course. “Some may wash back out with the tide, or become food for other living things on the Seashore like birds or crabs.”

The Cannonball species are common in different areas worldwide, including the Pacific Ocean regions bordering China and Japan, as well as the Atlantic Ocean coastline, all the way from New England to Brazil.

They are also standard on the southeastern coast of the United States and plentiful in the fall and summer months.

While they are usually found along the Outer Banks this time of year, it is highly uncommon for so many to be in one area at one time.

Woman lights up Tik Tok with radiant pet jellyfish

Recently, one TikTok user introduced her followers to her new pet jellyfish, and the internet sounded off. Not only are the user’s new pets enjoyable to watch, but they’re surprisingly an ethical choice for those who don’t have the space for a large tank.

@colleentravels some faq’s about my new pet jellyfish 🐙 #jellyfish #fyp ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Simply put, jellyfish don’t have the brain capacity for spacial awareness. However, they require regular care and maintenance, similar to your cat or dog. But, even if you don’t want to run out and buy yourself a new pet jellyfish, you can’t deny it’s a mesmerizing sight.

The light-up tank the user bought for her Cannonball jellyfish adds even more to their otherworldly appearance.

“Omg I want a pet jellyfish,” wrote one commenter. As the video’s most-liked comment, we have a feeling more viewers than we thought are having the same idea.