LOOK: Massive Wolf Spider Carries Its Babies on Her Back in Nightmare-Inducing Viral Photo

by Tia Bailey
Photo by: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It seems as though nature is at its spookiest when Halloween is near. A stomach-churning photo of a wolf spider carrying her babies on her back has gone viral.

The photo of the giant spider was shared to Reddit by user tballey. The post has been deleted, but the photo can still be viewed — if you dare.

The massive wolf spider is carrying her little babies on her back as she walks along the pavement.

“Female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs around attached to their rear ends and when the young hatch out, they climb on their mother’s back and are transported about for a few days,” Geoff Oxford, the Honorary Secretary of the British Arachnological Society, shared with Newsweek. “Some spiders actually feed their young e.g. laceweb spiders, and when the mother dies, she is consumed by her offspring—the ultimate sacrifice.”

Adam Hart, entomologist and science communicator at the University of Gloucestershire, also shared some information about this species of spider.

“Species that live in webs will often protect their eggs in egg sacs made from silk, and then defend the young spiderlings when they hatch,” Hart said. “Spiders like wolf spiders, don’t live in a web so they take their young with them on their back, guarding them and tending them. Some spiders even make nurseries out of silk—a sort of ‘romper room’ for the young to live in until they are ready to be independent.”

Creepy Spider Looks Like Tree Bark

Last month, a photo of broad-headed bark spider made its rounds on social media. The spider was huge, and it takes second look to realize it was a spider in the picture. The arachnid blended into the tree. Once you process there’s a creature there, it still somehow doesn’t quite look like a spider for a few seconds.

A photo was tweeted by the Twitter account Nature is Lit. They captioned the post: “This is a Broad-Headed Bark Spider.”

The website ZME Science shared an article last year about stunning spiders, and this one made the list.

“With its small eyes and big head, this spider is surprisingly cute. It wraps its legs around branches and is coloured like bark in order to blend in and be less obvious to predators,” they wrote about the spider. “Many spiders glow under UV light, and this bark spider is not an exception. Here is different specimen whose bright blue colour is revealed under ultraviolet light.”

A photo on the website shows this, and it’s eerie and cool. The spider is much more noticeable with the light on it, coloring it a pretty blue and green. Although nature can be terrifying, things like this make it much more interesting.