LOOK: Montana Bear Hangs Out in Hallways of Apartment Complex

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Peter Zenkl/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

As much as we might hate to think about it, winter is right around the corner. And that means our black bear populations are trying to pack on the pounds as cold weather makes food sources scarcer. That said, some bears have pretty creative methods for seeking out both sustenance and shelter. And one Montana bruin chose to do so hanging out in the hallways of a Missoula apartment complex.

The video above shows the black bear making its way from what looks like a dumpster toward the apartment building. According to MSN, it was captured by one of the complex’s residents, Zach Kaplan. Per the outlet, Kaplan is a Montana-based sports reporter. Upon spotting the bear the first time, he began an impromptu report with full updates about the animal’s progress.

After spotting the bear running through the Missoula apartment complex, Kaplan soon found him hanging in the hallways of the complex’s first floor.

“Update,” Kaplan shared with followers, “he’s just hanging here. (On the first floor of my apartment building). Game warden is here trying to coax him out of his den.”

Game Warden Forced to Tranquilize Bear to Remove Him From Complex

Toward that afternoon, wildlife professionals were forced to tranquilize the bear. Afterward, they hauled him into a cylindrical trap where he could be relocated to a safer, more natural location. Kaplan recalled the unusual experience and described the black bear while speaking with Newsweek.

“So the bear,” likely a male, “was roughly a 250-pound black bear,” Kaplan told the outlet. Per MSN, male black bears can weigh as much as 600 pounds. So, if this young invader did weigh around 250 pounds, it definitely puts him on the smaller end of the scale.

The reporter continued, “The first floor of my apartment building doesn’t have hallway doors really, so the bear sought refuge in the first-floor hallway. Game wardens responded right away and they tried to lure him out with bait/figure out what to do.” As stated though, they were forced to sedate the animal.

Kaplan explained, “The bear was just resting and they tried to get him into their trap to no avail. Around 2:45 MT, they came in 2ith tranqs, were able to sedate him, and carried him into the trap and out of our building without incident.”

Fortunately, neither the bear, apartment residents, or the game wardens involved in the animal’s removal were injured amid the incident. Still, it makes for a unique story and the responding wardens corroborated that.

“The wardens said they’ve seen some pretty unique situations,” the sports writer shared after the animal was hauled away, “but never one like this.”

As humorous as the footage makes the encounter seem, it’s still important to keep your distance from black bears and other wildlife even if they do brave the trip into human-inhabited locations.