LOOK: Pufferfish Half-Eaten by Eel Takes Its Killer Down With It

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It’s no doubt that nature can be brutal. Oftentimes, the wildlife on land or at sea face kill-or-be-killed situations daily as predators lurk around every corner. However, sometimes the predator and the prey have different but matched advantages. Sometimes this means a happy ending as the prey is able to escape the grasp of the predator. But, sometimes this type of match can go a very different way as one recent Nature is Lit Twitter post shows.

It was a battle to the death for one moray eel and a pufferfish as the eel decided the puffer would make a delicious snack. Well, it did not end well for the puffer or the eel it turns out. This comes as the fish decided to take its killer down while facing its own demise.

The photo features a long eel lying in the sand…and in its mouth is a pufferfish that has been half-eaten by the eel. It’s clear that neither one of these animals survived the moment.

“A Battle to the Death,” notes the Nature is Lit Twitter page in a recent post.

As the post continues we learn this pufferfish decided to take its killer with it as it faces death. The tweet also includes a link to a Reddit page sharing the same jaw-dropping pic.

Redditors Have A Lot To Say About The Pufferfish That Went Down Swinging After Being Attacked By An Eel

In a recent Reddit post, commenters discuss the eel’s deadly decision to snack on this pufferfish. A decision that has led to the eel’s demise as well as the fish’s death.

“Moray Eels cannot chew their prey,” one Redditor points out in the post. So, the commenter says, the eels swallow their catches whole. “But trying to swallow a pufferfish, whose natural [defenses] are inflating themselves and toxic barbs, is a bad idea!”

However, this Redditor points out that there could have been multiple causes that led to this eel’s death. It could have swollen as it would normally when facing a predator, choking the eel. It also may have poisoned the attacker.

“However, it would still have been trapped in the eel’s jaws,” the commenter notes. “Meaning it was also doomed.”

Another commenter points out the wording used in this post, noting that the puffer very likely never “decided” to take its predator down.

“‘Decided to,'” the Redditor jokes.

“As though the puffer was like ‘Ho hum, what shall I do, what shalllll I do.,” the commenter continues, in the quippish comment. “Oh, I guess I’ll just kill this thing that’s eating me. That should be fun!'”