LOOK: ‘Rare’ White Turtle Hatchling Spotted on South Carolina Coast

by Tia Bailey

A viral video of turtles has viewers amazed. The video, taken in South Carolina, features rare white turtles hatching.

The video, posted by Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program, shows the turtles hatching, with one small white turtle. The Watch Program shared an explanation along with the video: “We think this may be an example of leucism, a condition characterized by reduced pigmentation. Unlike albinos, most leucistic animals have normally colored eyes. Loggerhead hatchlings are typically a very dark brown or gray color. This dark coloration acts to camouflage them among the Sargassum weed of the open ocean currents, their home for the first three to seven years of life.”

They then added: “Leucism is an abnormal genetic defect, and not a useful one. Camouflage is important to all animals, particularly very small sea turtle hatchlings that are predated on by almost everything. So, to be born white makes you stand out and very visible to predators. As beautiful as these animals are the unfortunate reality is that they rarely survive in nature.”

Many commenters were amazed and saddened by the video and story. Some suggested that they take the small white turtle to an aquarium if it would have a better chance of survival. One commenter, whose name is Nate, wrote: “Have you heard of Nimbus at the aquarium at Fort Fisher NC? He was a very small hatchling with the same pigmentation condition. In addition, he has a cleft palate. He now lives stress free at the aquarium and has become an educational spokesturtle.”

There are no updates on the turtle as of right now. Although it was a great video to see, many were left worried for the turtle knowing that it may not survive.

Hundreds of Sea Turtles Wash Up on Texas Beach

In Texas, officials were lost when hundreds of turtles turned up on beaches. Between April 1 and August 19, 282 sea turtles washed up, most of them deceased.

Donna Shaver, Texas Coordinator of the Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network, shared a statement about the situation.

“This is more than twice the average annual number of loggerhead strandings recorded from 2012 to 2021, which was 109, and annual numbers have increased during this decade,” Shaver said.“This dramatic increase in loggerhead strandings this year is alarming and has STSSN participants on high alert in the Coastal Bend to be ready for the increased influx of incapacitated loggerheads needing immediate rescue and care.”

Officials have asked residents and visitors to report all sea turtle findings. The turtles that were found alive were found in unhealthy conditions, and are now being rehabilitated. Because of this, officials state that it is “crucial” for the standings to be reported.