LOOK: Researchers Unleash Frenzy of Flying Carp During Electrofishing Operation

by Joe Rutland

We have a photograph that you will have to see to believe. Researchers released a bunch of flying carp during an electrofishing operation. Well, when they did it looked like every fish in the world was leaping for joy. You can check out that photo right here. What’s even more fun is what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrote when it posted the picture. The organization wrote, “Oh carp, we’re going to need a bigger boat!”

Did you know that silver carp can go as high as 10 feet into the air? They sure can. Imagine being a fish down there and you hear a boat’s motor. It is bound to startle you and scare the heck out of you. For this electrofishing event, an electric current was used during some population assessment studies. The survey we are talking about here was done on the Fox River in Illinois.

Flying Carp Are Even Dangerous To Boaters

But wait, we’re not through with flying carp at all. We are kind of just getting started here. Let’s look at some more specific details about carp. They are an invasive species within and throughout the United States. Specifically, we are talking in the Mississippi River basin, Ohio River basin, and others that attract them.

Seeing this story and checking out the photo might answer this question for you. But, do you know how these fish might be dangerous to boaters? If you said it’s because they leap, then you are correct.

Carp are also threats to native species. How? They will feed on phytoplankton and even out-compete native fish. These fish also can get pretty dang hefty, too. It’s reported that mature silver carp could weigh between 20 and 80 pounds. That is one heavy fish right there. When it comes to additional species of invasive carp, go ahead and include bighead carp, black carp, and grass carp in there.

OK, so you have some critical things to keep in mind when it comes to carp. Maybe it would be a good thing to take notes and have them handy when out there fishing. Obviously, flying carp look like a bunch of fun fish as they leap into the air. But you never know how much they can affect your fishing abilities. Keep your eyes on the water and your hands on your fishing boat out there.