LOOK: Resource Officer Captures Massive Snake on Maryland High School Campus

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Copyright Dan Smith)

A school resource officer has saved the day at one Baltimore high school recently, stepping in to send a slithery non-authorized visitor on its way!

The commotion began Friday afternoon at around 1:45 when the Howard County School Resource Officer, Cliff Macer heard shouting coming from the high school lobby which sat just outside Macer’s office. Soon, however, the shouts turned into frightened screams, which sent Officer Macer running.

As he approached the crowd of onlookers, Macer saw what had inspired the shouts and screams…a snake was hanging out by the school’s front door.

Without skipping a beat, the school resource officer leaped into motion, coaxing the snake against the wall, eventually picking the animal up and sending it outside. A brave move for Cliff Macer, but not altogether surprising. Macer’s career includes serving his country as a member of the Army Reserve.

An Unauthorized Visitor May Have Slithered Inside The School, But Macer Was Quick To React

In a recent Instagram post, Cliff Macer is credited with his heroic actions. The post includes a pic of the School Resource Officer as he stands outside of the Baltimore high school holding the snake.

“PFC Cliff Macer served his country as a member of the Army Reserve,” notes a recent Instagram post detailing the events. “Now he’s serving his community as the SRO at Howard High School,” the message continues.

The Insta post goes on to note that Macer had “successfully prevented this unauthorized visitor from entering the school today.” Even after this sneaky snake tried to “slither in the front door.”

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My encounter with the ghost of the sandhills…👻🐍 *IM A SEMIPROFESSIONAL TIK TOK! HARMLESS SNAKE*

♬ World’s Smallest Violin – AJR

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