LOOK: Seal Breaks Into House While Family Is Out, Makes Itself at Home

by Megan Molseed

One New Zealand family faced a home invasion while the parents were out for the morning and their children were fast asleep in their beds. You’d think the experience would be a frightening one…which it likely was. However, it was also probably one of the cutest home invaders anyone can see hanging out in their home.

When Jenn Ross walked into her North Island New Zealand home after a morning at the gym, she never expected to come face-to-face with their unexpected visitor. As she stepped into the home Jenn knew something was amiss as she caught sight of a young fur seal hanging out on the wooden floor of the home’s entryway.

The family believes this young and unusual visitor entered the home through the cat door. And soon, Jenn Ross says, it decided that hanging out with the people in the home isn’t what it wanted to do. However, the young marine mammal had no idea where to go.

“It got a bit of a fright,” Jenn Ross says of the strange visitor.

“[The seal] humped its way down the hallway into a spare room,” Ross continues.

The Seal Picked The Right New Zealand House

As soon as Jenn Ross realized what she was looking at, she woke her two kids. They promptly dubbed the intruder “Oscar.”

And, Oscar apparently has a nose for his “people.” The family’s father, Phil Ross is an expert on animals as he works as a marine biologist. However, he wasn’t even around to catch all of the excitement.

“The big joke is that this is really the only family emergency where it would be useful to have a marine biologist in the house,” Phil Ross quips of the incident. “I really missed my time to shine.”

Oscar Makes Himself At Home While The Ross’s Wait For Authorities

The Rosses believe that Oscar followed their cat, Coco into the home through Coco’s door. But, Coco decided to stay far away from Oscar once the seal was inside. The seal relaxed on the couch while Jenn and the kids stayed at a neighbor’s house waiting for experts.

Eventually, the Rosses were able to help local authorities shoo the seal out into the garden where Oscar was netted and returned to the sea, just 500 feet from their home. The family says their proximity means they often see young fur seals in the area. However, this was the first time one popped in for a visit!

“We’ve just had a fairly big storm so quite a few seals are showing up on the beach for some rest and recovery before heading out to sea again,” Phil Ross explains.

“The young ones are starting to get weaned,” he continues. “Going out on their own and like most teenagers, can make bad decisions about where they end up.”