LOOK: ‘In-Store Pigeons’ Disgust Shoppers With Droppings Covering Grocery Store Floor

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A shopper is begging for action to clean up a terrible mess at a supermarket as pigeons are flying free in the Sydney, Australia store. Pigeons are commonly found in well-populated urban areas and many have very little fear of humans. However, despite their seemingly domesticated behavior, these birds are still wild animals. And, unless they are bred to be pets, pigeons don’t belong indoors at all … let alone inside a major supermarket where customers are purchasing their food.

One Shopper Snaps Shocking Pics Of Pigeon Droppings Inside An Australian Supermarket

In a recent social media post, one customer is begging that something be done about these birds. The post, which was shared on Facebook earlier this week features multiple photos depicting the droppings that the birds are leaving behind. The social media post also shares images of some of the pigeons as they sit above the patrons in the ceiling’s rafters.

“Coles please take care of the [in-store] pigeons in the Top Ryde store,” the Facebook message depicting photos of the birds’ messes as the pigeons are hanging out in the rafters.

“It is most unhygienic,” the patron continues in the Facebook post. “Particularly with all the droppings on the meat cabinets and on [air-con] vents above the bakery.”

Supermarket Patron Claims These Photos Depict An Ongoing Problem

According to the supermarket customer, these photos posted to Facebook depict a regular problem in the Australian grocery store.

“It’s disappointing,” he says per Yahoo.

“Nothing is being done,” the customer explains. “And now two or three pigeons are flying around the store.”

Coles Spokesperson Releases Statement Regarding Photos Depicting Pigeon Droppings All Over The Store

The grocery store has since released a statement, responding to the disturbing images. And, a spokesperson for Coles notes that the problem will be addressed. The statement notes that the Australian supermarket has a management system in place to prevent this sort of thing. These systems work to keep unwelcome visitors such as these pigeons out of the stores. Although, the spokesperson does note that sometimes this system doesn’t work as they would hope. To combat this the management has also implemented systems to rid the establishment of any pests that may find their way inside.

“Coles has an integrated pest management system, which primarily focuses on keeping pests out of our stores,” the spokesperson notes.

“Then controlling pests should they find their way into our stores,” the statement continues. “We were concerned to see these images and have reached out to the store so we can address the issue.”