LOOK: Taxidermist Discovers Third Eye Hiding Under Deer’s Skin

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Oleksandr Rupeta/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Recently, a taxidermist in Texas discovered a third eye hiding under a deer’s skin in this crazy deformity. Double Nickle Taxidermy in New Braunfels, Texas posted a few photos of a particularly disturbing deer skull. After undressing the skin of the deer, a third eye was then revealed to be located right below the deer’s left eye. The eye also appears to be facing upward.

“What seemed to be an abscess at first was later revealed to be a fully formed eye under the skin!” the shop wrote in their Facebook Story. “This will be a surprise to the hunter! We all had to go see it for ourselves today, nature sure is amazing!”

The incredible post has already racked up 3,000 comments and nearly 20K shares.

“Contact the hunter and tell him he needs to mount the head and show the three eyes!!!” one person commented.

Another hunter teased back, saying that he might have less luck hunting now. “Well shoot! As if they aren’t stealthy enough, now we have to worry about the third eye,” they joked.

Deers have been known to possess all sorts of rare deformities, but a third eye like this one hadn’t been seen by the folks at Double Nickle Taxidermy.

Three-Eyed Deer Shocked the Owners of Double Nickle Taxidermy

However, deer can suffer abnormalities regarding their skin and antlers. It’s not uncommon to find deers that suffer from albinism or similar diseases. Moreover, some deers possess mange or abnormalities that cause bumps on their skin and antlers.

It’s common for hunters to get their animals stuffed by taxidermists, normally as hunting trophies. Most taxidermists are familiar with preserving mammals like deer and elk, although they say larger animals can prove a challenge. However, this taxidermist reported that birds and snakes are the most difficult animals to preserve.

“Birds have small bones and other tiny features which require precision skills,” they wrote about the difficulty with birds. When speaking on why snakes provide a challenge, they cited a few reasons.

“Snakes are very difficult to preserve because they have complex musculature,” the taxidermist wrote. They also wrote that tanning the snakeskin is very difficult because the snake loses its “color and pigmentation.”

Double Nickle Taxidermy, the business which found the three-eyed deer, is located in New Braunfels, TX. The store contains a wide selection of animals in three collections: North American, Exotic, and African.

New Braunfels, Texas is a suburb of San Antonio and is also noted for its German Texan heritage. It was also the third fastest-growing city in the United States from 2010-2020.

In the 1840s, hundreds of people were organized in Germany to settle in Texas. Immigrants from Germany began arriving at Galveston in July 1844. Most then traveled by ship to Indianola in December 1844. Upon arrival, they began the overland journey to the land grant purchased by Prince Carl. This area became where the town of New Braunfels was established.