LOOK: This Bloody Lion Is the Most Badass Thing You’ll See All Week

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

A viral image of a female lion bloodied and full of pride after a feast is leaving nature lovers mesmerized. “Nature is Metal” isn’t for the faint of heart. The Instagram account posts graphic, uncensored footage of animals in nature surviving–or not. With a following of over 4 million people, it’s clear that there are many others who appreciate this brutal honesty too.

However, sometimes “Nature is Metal” posts images of nature triumphing. The sort of picture that captures the imagination of the account’s followers. One such image was recently shared on the Instagram account. It depicts a lioness, apparently after a satisfying hunt.

The image is vivid, as though the lion is actually posing for the picture. The caption “Nature is Metal” attached to the image perfectly captures the story.

“When it comes to acquiring food, lion prides enjoy the tactical advantage of having multiple lions working towards the same objective. As a group they are more likely to be successful than if they were hunting solo.” The account coninues, adding, “⁣The downside is, they must hunt more often OR take down larger and potentially more dangerous prey in order to satisfy the needs of the group. ⁣Availability of prey is the determining factor in the sustainable size of a lion pride. Large prides are only found in regions with enough prey to keep them fed. “

The lion image spurred talk of how prides work

The caption wraps up on a bittersweet note. “It’s extremely rare, but lion prides top out at around 40 lions, however they don’t stay together for very long. As the seasons change an prey migrates to greener pasture, a pride of that size will split into two or more groups to keep their numbers supportable.”

Of course, the lion image resonated with fans of the account. The post already has over 30,000 likes with dozens of comments. “That look she gives you when you try to take her food,” one user wrote. Another user noticed the strking pose. “Genuinely looks like she’s posing for the camera,” they pointed out. Finally, another user seems to be inspiored to get some fresh ink based on the picture. “This would be a sick tattoo,” they beamed.

Male lions who live together are called coalitions, while the social unit females form is called a pride. A pride typically consists of closely related lionesses and their offspring—and no outsider female lions are allowed.

The membership of a pride typically only changes when females give birth or die, although some females may leave and become nomadic. Most prides consist of around 15 lions, including several adult females and up to four males along with their cubs. However, large prides consisting of up to 30 individuals have also been observed on occasion. The one exception to this rule is the Tsavo lion pride which always has just a single adult male member. Male cubs are pushed out and excluded from their maternal pride once they reach maturity at approximately two or three years old.