LOOK: This Creepy Bark Spider Will Make You Question Ever Getting Near Trees Again

by Megan Molseed

Recently, a photo surfaced online showing a spine-tingling image of a creepy arachnid hanging on a tree branch. The pic is derived from a similar Nature is Lit post on Reddit that features a head-on look at the Broad-Headed Bark Spider.

The pic shows an image of a large arachnid…although, it’s hard to tell that it’s a spider, at first without the caption on the tweet. However, after a closer look, we can see some legs tucked on the arachnid’s sides which are clearly spider legs.

Redditors React To Creepy Broad-Headed Bark Spider

Sure, spiders can usually creep a group of people out with just one close-up pic. However, the Redditors commenting on the Nature is Lit Reddit post are less focused on the creepy factor of this broad-headed bark spider and more on the spider’s unique look.

“We thought you was a toad,” one Redditor comments underneath the pic.

“Looks like a old, weathered carving of some ancient king,” another Redditor commented on the picture of the unusual spider. “[Wearing] fur collar against the cold.”

Of course, oftentimes roads lead to one classic film or another. And one Redditor saw a similarity between this broad-headed bark spider and a memorable feature in a popular 1980s fantasy film.

“He looks like the rock eater from Never Ending story!” one commenter exclaims.

Where Did This Spider’s Name Come From?

One Redditor wonders if the creepy spider’s name doesn’t come from something a little creepier than the bark we find on a tree. This commenter wonders if the spider is “named after a ferocious dog’s bark and not tree bark because hell no!”

Another Redditor had a similar query, only this poster alludes only to the name of the spider. Not the fact that a pup’s “bark” is more frightening than the bark we find on trees. “can it…bark?” this comment quips.

Another commenter notes that this spider’s unusual looks are a natural part of nature. This Redditor points out that “insects, aside [from] reptiles and fish, are masters of camo.”

“I’m a big fan of the insect world,” another Reddit response notes. However, this response does note that the subject of the thread is in fact not an insect. However, they continue, this spider does show how incredible nature’s camouflage can be. “Really cool to see [the example] of it,” the poster says of the unique spider.