LOOK: This Hawk Giving a Death Stare Is the Most Intense Thing You’ll See This Week

by Megan Molseed

It’s an exciting thing to catch sight of the regal hawk. The massive birds of prey were near extinct not all that long ago. Making the opportunities to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous birds while searching the great outdoors few and far between. Now, however, the birds are soaring in numbers…no longer facing immediate danger of extinction. But that doesn’t mean these majestic birds of prey are commonly spotted in the wild…hiding in trees and perched high above eyesight, always searching for a delicious snack, be it a rodent, a smaller bird, or even a slippery fish.

So this is why we get excited when Twitter accounts such as Nature is Lit share some fierce images of these birds. Such as this one depicting an impressive hawk perched on a tree branch as it searches the ground below for its latest hunt.

The Friday, September 23 post begins with a fire emoji before noting the pic features a “Majestic hawk peering down.”

Sometimes The Hawks Let The Other Birds Do All The Work

This Nature is Lit Twitter post features a regal and majestic hawk as it peers onto the ground. However, another recent post – this one from Nature Is Metal – shares some of the work hawks do when they dive down off of their branch.

The recent post is a perfect example of how nature can give just as fast as it takes away. The post features a video of a blue heron as it works tirelessly to snatch up a rodent from the ground. Only to have it snatched away just seconds later by a dive-bombing hawk.

The viral Insta video depicts the crafty blue heron as it slowly and carefully moves across the grass…its sights set on something we cannot yet see. Soon, the feathered hunter pokes at something with one swift move. However, it comes up empty. The next, attempt, however, results in a major score as the blue heron pulls up a good-sized rodent from the ground.

“The great blue heron could be considered an unwilling sub-contractor in this instance,” the Nature Is Metal Insta page quips along with the video.

The Blue Heron Only Has A Moment With Its Score Before Another Hunter Swoops Right In

After the successful catch, the blue heron proudly holds the rodent in its beak. Even taking a moment to adjust its grip on the rodent. Then the bird pauses for a quick beat…almost as if it has sensed something off in the distance. Then, in an instant, the blue heron ducks down…ready to take off into the sky. But before it can get off the ground a hawk blows through causing the heron to drop the rodent.

Not willing to fight the hawk for the score the blue heron takes off. Giving the hawk plenty of opportunity to snatch up the recently caught rodent. Which it does as it grips the catch tightly in its talons as it flies off into the distance.