LOOK: This Massive, Multi-Colored Snake Is the Most Terrifyingly Beautiful Thing You’ll See All Week

by Megan Molseed

This pic of a gorgeously multi-colored snake will wow anyone, even if they aren’t snake lovers by nature. In a Tuesday morning Twitter post, Nature is Lit shared a breathtaking image of a gorgeously multi-colored San Fransisco garter snake…and we can’t look away. The animal hardly even looks real with its bright blues, greens, sapphire, oranges, and even some purple hues.

Even this guy’s tongue is gorgeous as it “tastes” its surroundings with the reptile’s trademark tongue flick. However, some commenters on the Reddit board linked to the tweet note that, while this type of snake is gorgeous naturally, this particular image features massively adjusted hues.

Redditors Comment On Recent Tweet Featuring A Breathtakingly Colorful Snake

The photo is certainly one that makes us do a double-take. We know that some impressive sights are created in nature, and this one has got to be one of the finest colorful examples of this. However, note some Redditors, that this image isn’t showing the reality.

“The saturation is brought up high in this photo,” one Redditor comments on a board featuring the original Nature is Lit pic.

“seen this one before,” the commenter continues, adding that this particular snake is a San Fransisco garter. And while they “do have super brilliant colors,” the commenter says that this type of snake isn’t nearly this bright.

“I saw the neon grass and that gave it away first for me,” another commenter says of the flashy snake.

“[I]t would be cool though if the colors were actually that vibrant,” the Redditor adds.

However, another Redditor soon points out that some populations of this type of snake “can be quite colorful.”

“I’ve seen them at point reyes,” the commenter explains.

“[A]nd the blue stripes really pop there,” the Redditor relates of the bright reptile.

“Other places I notice they don’t even have the blue stripe,” the commenter adds. “Just red and yellow.”

Whether The Pic Is Real Or Not, One Redditor Is Impressed By The “Danger Noodle”

Avoiding the debate as to how adjusted this picture of the brightly colored snake actually is, some Redditors simply commented on the image they saw before them. One Redditor made a simple but hilarious comment using a common snake nickname.

“What a gorgeous danger noodle!” the Redditor quips in the hilarious comment.

“That snake is [gorgeous],” another commenter points out. This Redditor then adds an interesting thought to the post wondering what snake officially holds the title of the “most beautiful snake in the world.”