LOOK: This Rare Spherical Cloud Looks Like Something From a Sci-Fi Movie

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Ulrich Mueller)

There are all types of clouds to pinpoint in the skies at any given moment. Usually, the types of clouds we see in the skies depend on how the weather is behaving at the time. However, one we rarely catch sight of is a cloud that is perfectly round, hanging out in the sky looking perfectly round. It almost brings to mind some unsettling scenes in a sci-fi movie.

A Rare Spherical Cloud,” notes a recent Nature Is Lit Twitter post.

This Twitter post also includes a link to connect to the Nature Is Lit Reddit page where a lot of Redditors had some big thoughts on this unusual spherical cloud formation. And, many are agreeing with the science fiction-related feel this cloud is giving off.

“[Just] a cloud,” one Redditor says in the thread. “[Nothing] to see here,” the commenter continues. Adding that a quippish statement that there is absolutely no “hidden atmospheric interface craft, none at all, carry on!”

We’re Not Saying The Spherical Cloud Is Aliens But…It Might Be Aliens

Other Redditors quips that it doesn’t matter how many explanations they are given regarding the unique cloud formation. They still want to believe the science fiction geared explanation. After all, it’s a much more interesting scenario, that’s for sure. Especially since science fiction-related theories are way more exciting.

“Hahaha,” begins one commenter in the thread while noting that the unusual spherical cloud is “deffo” aliens.

“Not letting go of it no matter how many people have the scientific explanation and cloud formation name,” the Redditor continues in the hilarious comment. “Just let us [fantasize]!”

“All hail the glow cloud,” jokes another commenter in response to the strange Nature Is Lit post. Another Redditor warns that we shouldn’t “look up.” And definitely “don’t make eye contact.

Pilot Spots Mysterious Glowing Red Lights In Clouds Over Pacific Ocean

Recently, a pilot flying over the Pacific Ocean spotted something strange in the clouds. As Dustin Maggard was flying among the clouds this summer, he looked down and saw something very unusual, glowing red lights.

“We had no idea what we were looking at,” Maggard says during a discussion with KKTV out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“We were making jokes about being in the middle of some sort of military exercise,” he adds. “Or some sort of alien invasion.”

However, according to the KKTV weather expert Neil Jacobs, there is a very rational explanation for these unusual glowing red lights. They are simply LED lights from fishing vessels in the water.

“They were commercial fishing vessels that were fishing for Pacific saury using very bright red arrays of LED lights,” Jacobs says. According to the weatherman the lights attract saury, making the fish easier to catch. He was even able to track down exactly what vessel was sending off the strange red glow using data entered into the Global Fishing Watch database.