LOOK: This White-Tailed Eagle Is the Most Majestic Thing You’ll See All Week

by Megan Molseed

We know well that nature – and the outdoors in general – can bring us some majestically inspiring sights. But one recent tweet from Nature is Lit highlights this even more with a stunning photo of the white-tailed eagle.

The stunning pic features the majestic bird as it stands looking as regal as we would expect an eagle to be. However, this eagle looks a little lighter than the average eagle. Usually, the eagles we see are bald eagles. These birds feature colors that are in stark contrast to each other. A dark brown or black with bright white feathers adorning the head and sometimes the tail. This white-tailed eagle bird, however, is a little unique sporting a lighter color of feather making its white tail stand out even more.

The Internet Is Loving the Pic of the Majestic Whitetailed Eagle

The Nature is Lit Twitter page adds a link to a Reddit account showing off the same pic that has been lighting Twitter up. Most of the comments just mention the stunning picture, noting that the image is “beautiful,” and “majestic.”

Another Redditor says “great pic” in response while another notes that the image gives them “chills.” Still another Redditor shares a hilarious joke wondering if these white-tailed birds of prey are “good snuggle buddies.

Experts Discuss The Resurgence Of The Bald Eagle

The stunning bald eagle has long been synonymous with country pride and the freedoms that come with it. However, for many years the stoic bird of prey has faced challenges, even landing a spot on the list of the most endangered animals. But over the years experts have worked tirelessly to save these birds, supporting the species in an effort to allow it to thrive for generations to come.

Fortunately, the efforts have paid off immensely. More than 50 years after the majestic bald eagle became an endangered species the birds are returning. With numbers soaring all over the country. Now experts report that there are well over 315,000 bald eagles thriving throughout our 50 states.

“We’re seeing eagles in numbers and in frequencies today that we didn’t see 10, 15, certainly not 20 years ago,” notes environmental expert Jack E. Davis of the majestic bird during a discussion with Fox News Digital.

Davis, who is also an environmental history professor at the University of Florida, also notes that the bald eagle has “pushed the bald eagle to the brink of extinction twice.”

“But we redeemed ourselves and brought it back,” Davis adds.