LOOK: This Wounded, Scarred Panther Is the Most Badass Thing You’ll See All Week

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

One of the most interesting animals that you will ever come across is the black panther and we’ve got a really cool one for you here. While you see a black panther in the picture here, take note of that laceration. The animal, according to the caption, suffered an injury when getting into a fight.

Of course, in the world of nature, there will be fights and battles. They will want to become king of the jungle if you will. Yet only one black panther can rule the territory. So, this one really got a serious cut above its right eye. While he walks around on the prowl, he’s still wearing his scar. This actually kind of looks like he received other scratches on his head as well.

The fights that animals in the wild get into are heavy-duty. You might see other things that look pretty badass. But we think that being able to view a black panther with battle scars is going to make your Top 10 at least this week.

Florida Signed Law Into Effect For Panther Protection In 2021

“The all-black everything variant of ANY big cat in the panthera genus is referred to as a black panther,” this caption from Nature is Metal said. “If black lions or tigers existed, they would also be referred to as black panthers.” These animals appear to be quite interesting to look at and see.

While we are covering black panthers here for a bit, there is other panther-related news to pass along. Back in 2021, Florida put a major law into place to protect panthers and other wildlife. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act into law. What does this accomplish? Well, this act funded a wildlife reserve ranging from the Everglades to Okefenokee, Florida. It would cost up to $400 million. Ironically, this land also is one of the most significant wildlife corridors in the developed world. This is according to a report from the Good News Network.

Additionally, this legislation secures that animals will be able to go from the Everglades Estuary to the borders of both Alabama and Georgia. This can be done without even seeing a human being around. Meanwhile, this legislation also protects new and existing conservation areas.

Let’s go ahead and stay in Florida. We also learned back in 2021 that four endangered Florida panthers were spotted together. According to a report from CBS Denver, Ezra Van went into the Everglades pretty much once per week to take photos of wildlife. He would gather up his gear and get ready to leave. But he then spotted a panther near a bird. Van stopped and then put his camera back down. Then, another panther, and two more, would show up.