LOOK: Wild Buck Hilariously Photo Bombs Woman’s Sunset Photo

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo credit should read LINDSEY PARNABY/AFP via Getty Images)

While driving down a scenic wheat-lined road at dusk, a woman spotted a gorgeous buck illuminated by a bright orange sunset. So, she stopped to take a video. But once the camera started rolling, the animal decided to ruin the serene image with a photo bomb.

But we don’t mean a typical photo bomb, we mean the buck dropped a bomb. As the woman was filming, it stopped to relieve itself. And it hilariously looked right at the camera as if asking for a little privacy.

The videographer allowed someone to post the clip online. And it’s making its way around the internet because people love seeing animals behaving oddly in the wild.

“A friend was driving home from work and started filming an almost pristine scene,” user BumpColley wrote on Rumble. “Then the deer took a bathroom break.”

Hunter Captures Video of Buck Eating an Underwater Meal

Of course, it’s not exactly odd that a buck went to the bathroom in a field. We know it happens regularly. People just rarely witness the private moment.

And that was true for another viral video that made its rounds on the internet—and even on the news—that showed a buck submerging its head in deep water to feast on bits of corn.

A hunter from Georgia named Jeffrey Autrey caught the animal on his trail cam earlier this month. Autrey had spread five gallons of corn near a river and set up the camera to scout some shooter bucks ahead of deer season. But heavy rains came and flooded the river and the bait.

However, the buck didn’t mind a soggy meal. Instead of letting the corn go to waste, it fully submerged its head and ate it. Autrey had never seen such a sight, and neither had Georgia Outdoor News, which led the publication to write a feature article on the matter. But apparently, deer commonly eat underwater, we just never see it.

Charlie Killmaster, Georgia Wildlife Resources Division’s head deer biologist said that deer have developed an incredible sense of smell, and it’s likely because their habitat is prone to flooding. So they often sniff out dinner along the bottom of waterways.

Killmaster also noted that he’s seen several similar videos during his career because others have been just as shocked at the sight. Nonetheless, Autrey is still amazed by the video.

“I’ve never seen a deer do anything like that before,” he said. “I shared the video with some friends and some old men who have hunted deer for a long time and none of them had ever seen a deer do that before. Most of them have been hunting around that area for decades.”