LOOK: World’s Smallest Deer Born at California’s Oakland Zoo

by Sean Griffin

A southern pudu named Riley gave birth to a healthy baby fawn at the Oakland Zoo on August 7th. The birth marks the world’s smallest deer, which has yet to be named by the zoo.

The soon-to-be-named fawn was born in front of a live audience of zoo guests.

“We had guests who were watching when it happened,” zookeeper Andrea Dougall told Reuters.

Southern pudus are a type of small deer species. The deer moved into the Oakland Zoo in California recently and became “very comfortable” quickly Dougall told the publication. Riley is the proud mother of the unnamed newborn.

The zookeeper Dougall knew Riley might give birth soon as she had grown in size recently. The mother deer was on an injectable type of birth control designed to wear down over time.

“And when it wore off, it was time,” Dougall said. “Midday on Sunday, I was passing by the exhibit and she was doing some movements that looked like she was in labor.”

Dougall also mentioned that the cute baby pudu remains healthy. “They have great personalities, they’re very inquisitive,” said the zookeeper. “I think it is very high up there in the cuteness factor.”

Southern pudu fawns normally stand around 8 inches tall and weigh only 2 pounds, according to the Oakland Zoo’s website.

In the wild, southern pudus reside in temperate rainforests and deciduous forests, the zoo says. They are commonly found in southern Chile and southwestern Argentina.

Farmer Almost Kills Deer, Stops Tractor Just in Time

Since summer’s been here, farming season has kicked into high gear. Like many farmers, the farmer in this next clip is hard at work when he notices something that ends up saving a young deer’s life.

Oftentimes with big rigs like this tractor in the video, small animals hiding in the tall grass will be maimed or killed in the process. Fortunately, this farmer kept his head on a swivel and looked out for this little fawn, who manages to escape unscathed thanks to the kind farmer.

In the viral TikTok video by user ‘livingthefarmlife2021,’ the farmer shoos away the fawn after stopping his tractor. The deer runs away and the farmer ends the video.

@livingthefarmlife2021 Close one😅#farmtok #deer #babydeer #closecall #savinglives ♬ Dem Deer – Bryan Bowers Band

“Well, that was almost the end of it for little Bambi here,” he says as he walks around the tractor to find the baby deer. “He’s in here somewhere,” he says, pulling the grass around. Then the fawn springs forward and leaps out the grass and toward the opposite end of the field.

Luckily for the “Bambi”-esque creature, it was spared and lives to see another day. The video garnered over 13,000 likes on the social media platform.