PHOTO: Loose Donkey Corraled in California Shopping Center Parking Lot

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Robert Michael/picture alliance via Getty Images)

California officials had a strange day recently as they were called to wrangle a wandering donkey from a shopping center parking lot. Thankfully, plenty of good samaritans were on-hand to help coral the wayward animal that had gotten loose in the great outdoors.

It Was A Group Effort As California Officials And Good Samaritans Help A Wayward Donkey Return Home

The wandering donkey was found walking loose on the streets in Willits California. Thankfully, some quick-thinking good samaritans were nearby. Multiple residents worked together to help the situation. Expertly luring the wayward animal into a nearby shopping center parking lot while officials were headed to the scene.

According to reports, the Willits, California Police Department received multiple calls about the donkey on the loose in the streets. The calls reported that the wandering animal was seen walking along South Main Street. Officers as well as animal care service officials responded to the reports.

“Officers responded to multiple calls for a loose donkey in the 1500 block of South Main Street,” notes an update on the Willits Police Department Facebook page.

According to the social media update, the “helpful residents assisted in directing the donkey out of the road.” All while officers were on their way, responding to the call. The post goes on to note that those helping the animal directed it off the road. It later roamed into the Evergreen Shopping Center.

Animal Care Services Helped Locate the Donkey’s Owner

The Facebook post continues to note that animal care services responded from a nearby area. And, thankfully, they were able to locate the owner of the wayward animal. Additionally, the responding officers note, they are thankful the donkey’s owners raised a friendly animal. Especially that likes to get friendly pets!

“Thanks to all [who] helped and called in the wayward traveler,” the Willits California Police Department notes in the social media post. The officers also gave a friendly thanks to the good samaritans helping with the unusual situation.

“And thanks to the owners for raising a friendly donkey who enjoys pets,” the officers added.

Waffles The Donkey Saves The Trapped Goat

Donkeys are adorable creatures no doubt. And, the hoofed animals are incredibly smart, loyal, and very sociable on top of it all. So, it’s no surprise..but still incredibly endearing, to hear the story of Waffles the donkey who alerted his owner about a trapped friend.

“You want to know why this donkey is worth his weight in gold?” the donkey’s owner asks viewers in the adorable clip. “Because he just woke me up from a dead sleep to let me know that this girl was stuck in the fence and screaming.”