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Loose Emu Helps Wisconsin Hunter Bag a Six-Point Buck: PHOTOS

by Amy Myers
Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

“I bet I’m the only person that can say they shot a buck while their Emu friend distracted it,” said Wisconsin hunter Asher Torbeck after he took down a six-pointer last week.

Posted in his stand, the Appleton native was watching the snow-covered ground for fattened deer when he was a very different creature pass underneath him.

“There is a high fence deer farm behind me and I looked over there and I saw something walking with two legs and I’m like what in the world is that?” Torbeck told Fox 11.

According to Torbeck, his stand was on family property that he has hunted for the past decade. That said, it was a bit alarming that this exotic creature found its way onto their grounds.

“It was kind of bizarre,” Torbeck said. “I’m like, why did an emu just walk under me?”

Torbeck returned to his stand the next day, and to his surprise, so did the emu. This time, though, the large Australian bird helped reign in a six-point buck. When the deer came face-to-face with the emu, they stared each other down.

“The emu stands up real quick and the deer stops in his tracks and now they’re just looking at each other like, ‘what in the world are you?’” said Torbeck.

Clearly, the bird distracted the buck, which was perfect for the patient hunter. Soon enough, the deer exposed his broadside and Torbeck had a clean shot.

Emu Stays Put Even When Deer Hunter Pulls the Trigger

At the time, Torbeck focused fully on his potential game. But he didn’t consider how the emu would react when he took the shot.

“I thought, who else can say they shot a buck while an emu was running a distraction for him, so I ended up shooting the buck and looked over at the emu I thought that big bang I hope I didn’t scare it,” said Torbeck.

Luckily, though, the shot didn’t seem to bother the feathered friend.

“I look over and the emu is still standing there, I’m like, OK,” Torbeck said.

Despite the deer’s six tines, the buck was one of the smallest in stature that the hunter had ever harvested. Still, he was pretty amazed that he was able to take it down with the help of an emu.

After a few photos of the once-in-a-lifetime moment, the bird even followed Torbeck back for about two miles. That’s when the pair met the brother of the emu’s owner, Summer Theys. Apparently, Theys found that her three pet emus escaped their enclosure, just a few miles away, a couple of days before the memorable hunt.

Limu managed to find her way to Torbecks’ hunting stand, and the rest is history. With the help of the hunter, the two humans were able to bring the emu back to safety and reunite her with Tweety Bird and Peep-Peep.

“I’m just relieved that they’re all back home and safe and nothing got to them,” said Theys. “I’m just overjoyed that they’re all back home.”