Maine 16-Year-Old Completes ‘Grand Slam’ of Big Game Hunting in Half a Year

by Chris Haney

Back in October, a 16-year-old Maine resident completed the “grand slam” of big game hunting, and she only needed half a year to do so, according to Molly Shelly of the Morning Sentinel.

Cassidy Rood of Benton, ME shot a four-point buck on Oct. 24 during the final day of the state’s youth hunt. The buck officially completed her “grand slam,” which consists of tagging a bear, moose, turkey, and deer within one year.

“It feels really good,” Rood said of her accomplishment. “To know that I did that, I just sat back and said, ‘Wow.’”

The teenager has hunted with her father, Eric, ever since she was able to as a child. She says her dad even took her on hunting excursions before she could walk.

“She started when she was 10, because that’s the legal age,” Eric explained. “But I’ve been taking her along with me since she was maybe 3 years old.”

Maine hunters can obtain permits to go after bears, deer, and turkeys. However, hunters must enter an annual lottery to obtain permission to hunt a moose, and therefore accomplish the “grand slam.” Most hunters that enter the moose lottery rarely receive permits since they are limited. Additionally, many hunters may never win the lottery during their lifetime.

“In order to get the grand slam, you have to be drawn for a moose permit,” said Rood’s father. “It’s a lottery, thousands of people put in for it … then they draw 2,500 to 3,000 names every year.”

In June, Eric Rood found out he had been selected for a moose permit. In addition, he decided to seek out a sub-permittee to allow Cassidy to join him on the hunt. The sub-permittee allowed Cassidy to tag along as a second shooter on the rare moose hunt.

16-Year-Old Achieves One of Hunting’s Greatest Feats

The Lawrence High School junior tagged all four big game animals in just six months. Rood shot a 180-pound black bear, a 700-pound moose, a turkey, and a 165-pound buck between May and October of this year.

“I shot the turkey at the end of May, the bear was shot in September and then the deer and moose were in October,” Rood said. “We shot the bear and the moose up in Rockwood, but we hunt for deer and turkey around here (Benton).”

Rood says she’s proud of her big game hunting “grand slam,” especially since the sport is predominately male-oriented. She said it’s “pretty cool” to have completed her goal of bagging all four animals. Her father agrees and is proud that his 16-year-old could achieve the milestone as not only a female but at such a young age.

“For hunters, it’s an honor to be able to achieve this milestone,” he wrote last Wednesday in an email. “And as a girl at such a young age, it’s amazing.”

The Rood family is still waiting for a taxidermist to mount her four prized big game animals. Yet, her father said their family has already begun to enjoy a freezer full of the animals’ meat. Rood emphasized her love for hunting and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

“It’s both a hobby and a passion,” she said of her long-term plans to continue hunting.

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