Maine Hunter Shoots 500-lb Black Bear That ‘Terrorized’ Neighborhood for Years

by Megan Molseed

He wasn’t a white whale, but for one Maine hunter, the black bear that has been dubbed the “Zodiac” was pretty close. And now the hunter, Jamie Lambert has finally bagged the Zodiac after persuing the massive black bear for several years.

Maine Hunter Finally Takes Down The Massive Black Bear That Had Been Terrorizing The Area

For years now, Jaime Lambert has been hunting the massive black bear as it regularly roamed the property owned by one of his good friends and neighbor, Mike Clough. In addition to being friends and neighbors, Lambert and Clough often step out as hunting partners. Which served Lambert well, since Clough knew precisely what he was thinking about sightings of the impressive 500-pound black bear.

According to reports, Clough has long owned the Green Lake Guide Service and, through his guiding journeys, has often encountered the “Zodiac” bear. In fact, Clough who is a registered guide in Maine has even caught sight of the bear on camera hundreds of times on his own property over the years.

“That bear terrorized my neighborhood, actually,” Clough says of the “Zodiac”. “He was a bird feeder ripper. He was around houses.”

It Takes A Certain “Type Of Hunter” To Take Down A Trophy Like The “Zodiac”

Clough adds that it’s because of this reason that he has allowed Lambert to begin hunting on his land in pursuit of the roaming massive black bear. And, it’s certainly a testament to Lambert’s skills along these lines.

“A bear of that caliber is so smart that it takes a certain type of hunter to actually kill a bear like that,” Clough explains. He also adds that he had initially estimated the bear to weigh about 400 pounds.

“There are very few people that I know who are as good as Jamie,” he continues.

While waiting for Zodiac to make an appearance, Lambert’s bait attracted many other decent-sized black bears. Some the hunter estimates at about 300 pounds. But Zodiac never made an appearance until the hunting hours had ended for the days. So, Lambert decided to trick the bear a few days into the hunt.

“I actually cut the bait off from him for just one day,” the hunters explain.

“Trying to make him think that possibly another bear had got in there ahead of him and cleaned it out,” they add. They also made sure to take different routes to their stand, just in case Zodiac was keeping an eye on the outdoor visitors.

“Mike was optimistic,” Lambert says of Clough. “But I had my doubts about [the bear] being tricked.”

But, it worked…and only 20 minutes away from the end of the day’s hunting time Lambert heard something stirring in the woods. And he had a feeling it was the Zodiac.

“I knew it was a big animal,” the hunter explains. “My first instinct was, it’s him.”

Lambert fired and was ready to track his bear. However, he didn’t quite know yet if this was the bear he was after.

“My biggest bear before that probably was 205,” Lambert explains. “I’d seen big bears on camera, but to see that one on the ground is just a surreal thing.”

But the surreal soon turned to real for Lambert. Once measuring his kill, he found that the bear was the Zodiac, topping out at a whopping 516 pounds.