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Lion Gets Tossed Around Like a Ragdoll by Huge Buffalo, Miraculously Survives: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

In this insane viral video, a lion got absolutely thrown around like a ragdoll by a huge buffalo. However, fortunately for the big cat, it survived the encounter.

The “King of the Jungle” almost got dethroned by this wild buffalo at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. The cape buffalo can prove to be just as lethal as a lion, and this case demonstrated that.

In this video clip shared by the Latest Sightings YouTube channel, an older, injured lion finds himself cut off from the rest of his pride. He’s laying in the middle of a herd of these huge buffalo. The lion tries to avoid detection, keeping close to the ground. However, it’s clear that the buffalo knows he’s there, and they’re clearly agitated by his presence.

Several of the buffalo hook their horns under the lion’s body and toss him up mercilessly. These buffalo surely are trying to end the life of this lion, and they nearly do it, but somehow, he survives. Maybe there’s some truth to that saying about cats having nine lives after all.

Pride Returns to Rescue the Injured Lion

The video’s description reports that the lion got trapped after his pride tried to hunt the buffalo. However, the older male got cut off from the pride and had to hunker down and wait to be rescued. Apparently, the lion has had a bad limp for the past two years, and it couldn’t escape with the others.

This lion surely is a trooper, you’ve got to give him that.

This footage only covers around two minutes of the incident. However, the description says the buffalo bullied this beast for 15 minutes before the rest of the pride came back to rescue him. The lion escaped with some gruesome injuries, and most believe he won’t survive long after this bout with the buffalo.

As hard as it can be to watch a video like this, it does remind us of the stark brutality of nature. However, the lion has definitely weathered a long life, as evidenced by his battle scars.

Plenty of people took to the comment section to remark on the attack and the lion’s strong urge to keep going.

“It’s a very nice thing to see that the lion survived such a brutal attack,” one commenter wrote. “It shows his will to live was still present and facing so many buffaloes, defying all odds to survive. But eventually, age catches up with everyone.”

Another person agreed, commenting about the tenacity of the lion to prevail amidst such extreme adversity.

“This is an absolutely horrific ordeal for this magnificent and extraordinary warrior to endure and still courageously fight back with such strength and will to live after being tossed around for such a lengthy time,” one user wrote. “He’s A True Warrior King!”