Mama Bear and Hungry Cubs Tear Through Trash Digging For Goodies in Viral Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Bkamprath)

It’s an exciting thing to see a bear, especially a mama bear and her cubs, wandering the neighborhood. A little scary, but still, it’s neat to watch as the wild animals step out of their woodland habitats to explore some of the conveniences of modern life. This is exactly what happened as one mama bear and her cubs dug into what must have felt like a buffet to them. To us, it was a pile of trash. But to the three bears digging through the area? It was a delicious jackpot of goodies!

It’s a short video clip shared on YouTube, but the seconds-long clip is absolutely adorable. The video starts with three small cubs standing up, looking into a large dumpster. Also, sitting near these furry animals are some smaller garbage bins. A few of these bins have been turned over. We’re guessing these hungry bears grabbed a few snacks out of these containers before checking out the larger bin.

This Crafty Mama Bear Knows How To Find The Really Tasty Snacks For Her Hungry Cubs

As the adorable video continues, we see what the young cubs are waiting for. Their mama has climbed inside the larger garbage bin and she has gotten ahold of a very full bag of garbage.

The young cubs jump around with excitement as the mama begins to climb out of the dumpster. As she sets her feet on the ground, she pulls the bag out of the container. It doesn’t matter to these hungry bears that the full garbage bag is ripping as it catches onto the dumpster as the mama bear drags it out. In fact, this is helpful to the group … they have to dig in to find the food somehow, right?

Two Black Bears Are Caught On Camera Hanging Out On A Florida Porch

This family of bears had a goal when they were caught on tape breaking into the dumpsters for food. But, sometimes bears like to show up and hang out for other reasons that sometimes remain unknown. Such as this black bear duo who were caught on camera bumbling about a Florida porch creating hilarious chaos.

The two curious black bears found their way recently onto an Apopka Florida home’s porch recently. Here, they were caught on tape causing a ruckus as they crashed around on the patio area. Initially, the wild clip shares the moment the bears climb on the porch. The bumbling bears knock down objects as they wander around. This alerts a pup that is inside the residence who begins barking nonstop at the nocturnal visitors.

“They, unfortunately, dragged out all the trash from one can,” notes the Florida homeowner, Bettina Brown, of the unexpected nighttime visitors. “But that was okay with me for the experience,” she adds.