Man Attacked by Crocodile After Trying to Pose for a Selfie With It: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

In a shocking clip that went viral online, a crocodile is seen attacking a tourist who mistook the large reptile for a fake plastic model. The man entered a small area with water at an amusement park to take a selfie with what he thought was a life-like recreation of a crocodile. Unfortunately for him, the animal was very real and chomped down on his left arm.

Tourist Nehemias Chipada was looking forward to celebrating his 68th birthday in November 2021. He and his family decided to visit Amaya View amusement park in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines to mark his big day. While at the park, he took photos posing alongside life-like replicas of animals. For example, he took one beside a plastic model of a giant tortoise. However, when he went to take a selfie with the nearby croc, he found out the hard way that it wasn’t a replica.

As Chipada attempted to take a photo with the croc while holding his phone in his right hand, his left arm dangled at his side. Moments later the 12-foot crocodile lunged and grabbed ahold of his left arm while dragging him into a pool of water. Graphic video of the incident shows Chipada screaming for help as the enormous reptile is latched onto his arm.

In the clip, you can see the man pick up a rock and smack the crocodile in the head. That startled the croc just enough to let him go as Chipada broke free and raced out of the pool. You can see his left arm is bloodied and limp as he exits and sits down on the ground after the attack. Responders treated Chipada at the scene before taking him to a nearby hospital. The man suffered multiple broken bones in his arm and eight bite wounds.

Family Says There Were No Warning Signs About the Crocodile, Park Denies Any Negligence

The 68-year-old tourist is lucky to have survived the crocodile attack. However, Chipada’s family laid the blame squarely on the park following the terrifying encounter. His family claimed that the amusement park should’ve had signs warning visitors about the deadly reptile. Chipida’s daughter, Mercy Joy Chipada, spoke with Yahoo News Australia after the incident.

“There were no advisories warning us not to enter the enclosure,” Mercy Joy said to the outlet. “Because if there were, we would never have gone there.”

Amusement park staff rushed to his aid and tied handkerchiefs around his arm to slow the bleeding. Chipada would receive several stitches in his left arm and thigh due to bite wounds. Additionally, the crocodile lost a three-inch tooth in the attack that doctors removed from Chipada’s flesh. It also took multiple surgeries to fix the man’s broken bones.

Following the incident, the amusement park agreed to pay for Chipada’s medical expenses. But they denied any negligence or wrongdoing when it came to warning visitors about the crocodile.

“We deny the allegation that we have been negligent,” Amaya View Chief Operating Officer Candy Unabia stated. “They said they thought the crocodile was also artificial, but that area is actually restricted. There are signages and constant reminders from our tour guides.”