Man Begs for Answers Following ‘Strange’ UFO Sighting

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Artem Peretiatko

An Irish man is pleading for answers following a bizarre UFO sighting that recently occurred outside his home. According to reports, the man said it was one of the “strangest experiences he’s had, hands down.” As a result, he’s taken to the internet to ask for answers.

The man described his experience in a Reddit post, saying he heard what sounded like a low-flying helicopter. That’s when he went outside to investigate.

As he described, the low-flying aircraft flew directly over him, but it oddly “appeared invisible,” with no lights, shape, or outline.

“I’m in Carlow here and could hear something which sounded like one of those Coast Guard Helicopters approaching from the distance (they commonly drill here and unfortunately have to search for people from time to time),” he wrote in the post. “Thinking just that, I came out of the garage to have a look like any man-child would, especially since it sounded so low.”

He added: “Bear in mind it’s not the darkest of nights as it’s a full moon and no clouds. Whatever it was, still sounding like a low-flying helicopter came directly right over me in a linear fashion heading north. The strange part? I can’t identify something that appears invisible.”

He continued: “There were no lights, whatsoever. I don’t eat much carrots lol but seriously I couldn’t even see the vague shape or outline of anything. It’s one of the strangest experiences I’ve had hands down, so much so I felt compelled to share on here. I hope people don’t think I’m bulls**tting.”

He later went on to ask for help in explaining this anomaly.

“Has anybody an explanation? Did anybody else hear let alone see that in the Carlow area? It came from Tinryland direction headed towards Palatine,” he wrote.

After posting, dozens of people took to the comments, with some describing they experienced something similar.

Irish man takes to the internet to seek answers following bizarre UFO sighting, some claim to have similar experience

“Someone else (about 15km outside carlow Town) told me same thing happened about 10 days ago, at around 2 a.m. or so,” they wrote to which the poster wrote back: “Interesting.”

Another person added: “Same thing happened to me like 10 years ago. Only difference was the power went out for a few minutes afterward as well.”

Even if others didn’t have a shared experience, they attempted to give explanations, theorizing it could have been something like a drone or possibly an army training exercise. However, several other users suggested it could be aliens.

“I’m not saying aliens… but it was aliens!” one person exclaimed. Another chimed in: “UFOs are generally reported as being silent or making a low-level hum or buzzing like a swarm of bees.”