Man Films Enormous Bull Elk ‘Screaming’ Right in His Face, And It’s Terrifying: VIDEO

by Tia Bailey
Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A viral video of a bull elk is terrifying viewers. The man who recorded the video filmed the enormous animal “screaming” right in front of him.

The man, Tanner Yellowhair, shared the video he took onto his Instagram account. He captioned the clip: “Nothing like a bull screaming in your face. Whose still out chasing big bulls?”

The video is definitely freaky, with the bull elk walking up towards Yellowhair and letting out a loud shrieking noise. Yellowhair keeps the camera still, and doesn’t really react in any way. It’s something that not many people experience, and from some of the comments, it seems like that is very okay with most.

One Instagram user commented: “Pull the trigger pull it hurryyyyyy.” Another person said: “It’s skull splitting having them bugle that close!”

The actual term for the noise the bull elk made was “bugle.” The National Park Service (NPS) shares what it means when they bugle: “With the arrival of fall comes the elk rut. During this time, male elk (called bulls) compete for females (called cows) by fighting with their antlers and making a loud wailing bugle. This bugle heralds fall in the western United States and can be heard from dusk until dawn in the park each year.”

NPS also shared information about an “Elk Bugling Program,” saying: “On select evenings in September and October, ranger led elk bugling programs may be offered. Visitors will meet the ranger at the campground amphitheater for a short presentation on elk biology and the history of elk in the park.”

Afterwards, visitors can go caravan in their own vehicles and listen to the wildlife.

The noise being associated with mating competitions and fighting definitely adds some intensity to the video.

Poachers Convicted of Killing Bull Elk

Just over a week ago, two Montana poachers were convicted of illegally killing a trophy bull elk. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks stated that both men have been fined and received hunting suspensions.

37-year-old Alex St. Marie from Missoula pleaded guilty to a felony charge for poaching two bull elk, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. He was caught poaching along Snowy Mountain Road in the Little Snowy Mountains.

After he shot two of the animals, he disposed of their bodies, only keeping their heads. Because of this, he was also charged with wasting meat. St. Marie’s charges date back to events from 2021.

The other case, 47-year-old Allen John Cantu from Ballantine, also pleaded guilty to the charges made against him. He was charged for illegally killing a big game animal, and additionally tampering with evidence. Cantu had killed a bull elk in November of 2019 in the Little Snowy Mountains. He received a five-year suspension from all hunting, trapping and fishing privileges.