Man Gored by Bull, Suffers Gnarly Wound in Front of Hundreds of People: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

When one man tried to go after a bull, he quickly found out there was no way he would win that battle.

In a video that’s circulating the internet, viewers can see the horrific moment in which a baby bull attacked a man in front of hundreds of festival goers in Spain. The clip can be seen here.

After going head-to-head with the bull, the 47-year-old was left in unbearable pain and had a gushing wound after brawling with the animal in the closed arena in Pinoso, near Alicante. Onlookers believed the man was “bleeding to death” after the battle on Saturday.

Before the incident, the man had been egging the bull on by taunting the beast around a makeshift obstacle course. Meanwhile, the crowd watched from a safe distance.

Then, the man climbed on top of one of the giant tires scattered throughout the arena. Almost immediately, the annoying baby bull pushed him off.

After slamming onto the ground, the bull struck the man again. This time the bull took a bite out of him. While the bull was still enjoying his snack, the man desperately tried to pull away from the animal by climbing back onto the tire. Finally, however, he fell back to the ground.

The animal then went back in for seconds as bystanders yelled in horror from the sidelines. One onlooker in the dramatic footage could be heard screaming: “He’s bleeding to death!”

The injured performer’s saving grace was when onlookers pulled him from the bull’s grasp.

Local good samaritan saves man’s life after he’s attacked by baby bull

After doctors looked at the man’s injuries, it was determined his femoral artery was pouring out blood. Thankfully, a good samaritan wrapped his wound with a tourniquet before medical personnel transferred him to a hospital. Later, the town’s mayor praised the kind-hearted individual for tending to the man’s injuries.

After undergoing emergency surgery, the 47-year-old remained under intense medical care in a hospital.

However, the man should feel lucky, considering a 26-year-old at the same festival died after being mauled by another bull.

He died at a nearby hospital after being gored in the left thigh. He was left with an eight-inch gash in almost identical circumstances to the previous incident.

Even though they’re young, baby bulls can do a good amount of damage with their horns despite weighing less than most full-grown animals.

Even when they’re as young as one, they’ve been known to break people’s legs when they charge them.

In July, a Spanish bullfighter nearly escaped death after being mauled by a bull. The incident occurred during an annual event in the Costa Blanca resort in Spain near an area known as the Bous a la Mar, which translates to Bulls in the Sea.