Man Is Absolutely Stunned by ‘Dangerous’ Wild Boar in Apartment Complex Parking Lot: VIDEO

by Alex Falls

A video is making the rounds on TikTok showing an Ohio man encountering a potentially dangerous animal in the parking lot of his apartment complex.

The video was posted on Thursday by Darious Gaskin. So far, it’s received close to 300,000 reactions, with thousands of people commenting.

Gaskin captured the moment on his phone. While making his way through the parking lot, he spotted something strange moving behind a nearby wall. He slowly moved the car forward to get a better look at what was behind the wall.


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“Sorry, but what is that?” Gaskin asked. “Is that a dog?”

Gaskin pulls up closer to get a better look, but he disappears behind the giant wall. “This is actually so scary,” said Gaskin, who at this point, is still not sure what it is he’s seen.

Then, after a few tense moments, two animals emerge. Revealing themselves to be something you don’t see around an apartment complex every day. Two massive hogs were walking around the lot.

“That is not a dog,” Gaskin said. “What are those? Is that a wild pig?”

The video drew tons of attention. Many comments indicated the animals Gaskins came across were in fact Javelinas. A mammal found in southwestern states that resemble wild boar. But other users pointed out they are more likely wild boars.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, feral swine are defined as “a combination of Eurasian wild boar and escaped or un-kept domestic swine.” They were introduced into the U.S. in 1539. Now, they now inhabit 35 states and cause more than $1 billion dollars in damages each year.

Feral swine do pose “great risks” to human health and safety, explained the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), noting that these pigs will sometimes attack people.

Another Boar Encounter

Wild boars should be avoided when you cross paths with them in the wild. One woman came closer to danger than Gaskin did in his parking lot when a wild boar approached her in the waters Oahu, Hawaii.

The woman was surfing when she noticed a dark shape in the water. As it got closer, she realized it was a wild boar coming straight at her.

“The only thing that occurred to me was, ‘That thing is coming toward me and it may bite,'” she said.

The surfer estimated the boar to be close to four feet in length. She used her surfboard as a shield to prevent the boar from getting to her. The animal ran directly into the board and luckily swam away. Later, the surfer realized the boar took a massive bite out of her board. The situation was no doubt scary, but she at least had her board to take the bit for her.