Man Nearly Gets Gored by Massive Bull During Elk Rut: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin

In this insane video at Yellowstone National Park, a man nearly gets gored by a massive bull elk during the elk rut.

The huge bull elk sprints toward one curious tourist out of the frame. Then, as the tourist comes into the camera’s view, we see the elk still heading straight towards the man. However, the elk suddenly halts a few feet before the man. The man, while running away, trips over himself, falls onto the ground, and does a barrel-roll. However, the elk stays positioned in front of him without charging. The man is then able to pick himself up and trot away to safety.

One Instagram user commented on how the tourist’s attire didn’t seem to match his lack of athletic skills. “That track suit ain’t workin 😂😂😂,” they wrote.

Another person remarked about the huge risk the tourist took in approaching the elk during the rut. “Gonna gamble, stay in Las Vegas,” they wrote.

Another user commented about the man’s barrel-roll he performs to dodge the elk’s advances. “That man was like an action hero with that roll!” they wrote.

Either way, luckily, the man didn’t get hurt in the encounter. However, hopefully the video serves as a reminder not to mess around with these majestic creatures, especially not during the elk rut.

Man Gets Brutally Head-Butted by Elk During Elk Rut

In a similar clip from the same account, a man gets brutally head-butted by an elk and is sent airborne. The incident occurred in Estes Park, Colorado during elk rut season.

At the beginning of the video, a man says “watch out,” seemingly indicating that before the video, the elk may have made some advances. However, one man clearly doesn’t pay attention. A man in a blue jacket walks mere feet away from the beast and immediately regrets it. The elk launches toward him. He tries to back away but becomes pinned between a small wall behind him. Once the huge antlers make contact with the man, he is spun over the wall and receives a second of air-time before hitting the ground.

However, fortunately, the man gets up shortly after uninjured, even though he landed awkwardly. The elk stands in the walkway area, facing the tourists. One lady walks over to help the man up; however, she turns her back to the elk in the process. The cameraman again screams for her to “watch out!”

One of the commenters noticed the woman’s mishap. “Lol” at the lady walking directly in front of an elk that just mauled someone else hahah.”

Another user wrote: “We just gonna ignore that the cameraman is also way too close?” It’s safe to say everyone in this video could have taken a few dozen steps back from the massive creature.