Man Opens Door to His Home, Huge Bear Charges: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

It’s no doubt quite a shock to look out onto your porch and see not one, but two bears just kicking back, snacking on your garbage. Even if you live in areas where bears are commonly spotted, seeing the wild animals so up close and at your home can certainly be a little jarring. It’s extra unsettling, however, when one of these animals decides to charge toward the door to the home.

One Instagram user got a clip of exactly this situation unfolding in Tahoe. The video clip shares the moment a resident caught a glimpse of two hungry and curious bears as they decide to take over an outdoor area of the home.

“The not so rare, not so elusive, Tahoe trash bear,” quips the Instagram user along with the clip.

One Hungry Bear Isn’t Pleased About The Unexpected Interruption

As the video begins, we see two bears hanging out on a porch snacking on some discarded goodies. Initially, these bears appear to be fairly relaxed. One is even curled up in a resting position as the other continues to snack on whatever goodie it found near the home.

We hear the person recording the clip begin to move toward the wild animals, watching what the curious pair are up to. The bear who seems to be chilling out while the other one eats looks up, barely acknowledging their visitor who is stepping out of the home. The other bear, however, soon becomes quite unsettled by this appearance.

“Hey, guys?” we hear the Insta user say from behind the camera. It takes the hungry bear a moment to even look up from whatever it is feasting on. But, once it does, this bear makes it clear that it is not pleased with the interruption.

Thankfully, The Instagram User Was Standing Very Close To The Door!

In an instant, this huge bear is on all four legs…sprinting straight toward the person videoing the incident. It’s a scary moment for sure. For a second or two, this hungry forest-dweller seems calm and serene. The next second, however, it has already jumped a few feet ahead. Fast approaching the home’s resident.

This is likely a moment when the Instagram user is thankful for doors…and the sturdy windows installed on said doors! As the sprinting animal lunges toward the person behind the camera, the Insta quickly moves inside. Shutting the door and putting a barrier between themselves and the charging bear.

The wild animal then takes a moment to peer inside the window, still chewing on the snack. We see the bear’s breath begin to fog up the glass as its enormous paws claw at the windows. Thankfully, however, the bear loses interest in this pursuit and moves away, presumably returning to its snack.