Man Shows Up to McDonald’s Drive-Thru on Horseback, Rides Away With Bag of Chicken Nuggets

by Taylor Cunningham

A hungry man has become an internet star after riding his horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru to buy 100 chicken nuggets.

The man, who is only known as The Blessed Equestrian, posted a TikTok of his adventure at an East London location last week. The video was his first post on the social media platform, but he still managed to rein in nearly 2 million views—and we’re lovin’ it.

In the clip, The Blessed Equestrian is dressed in full English-style attire as he casually makes his way through the line. Once he rides up to the speaker, he tells the employee his order. And instead of being shocked by his means of transportation, the employee is flabbergasted that one person asked for 100 nuggets.

When the man gets to the window, the employee hands him his order as though nothing is amiss. And The Blessed Equestrian rides off to devour his epic meal.

“We was hungry. man,” he admits at the end.

Hilariously, no one gives the rider trouble. Instead, the people in line with him cheer him on and tell him “nice ride.”

On Instagram, the man further explained that he had “always wanted to try McDonald’s drive-thru” with his horse. So he gave it a shot. And what’s best is that he wasn’t the only one who walked away with some treats. He also shared something special with his horse.

The Equestrian’s Hilarious McDonalds Stunt Earned Him Some Fanfare

After posting the video to his social media site, The Blessed Equestrian earned some major props.

“Getting 100 chicken nuggets in style!” Ariat Europe, a high-end boot company, commented on TikTok.

Several others praised his horse for being so “stunning” and well-mannered, while others just appreciated his gull.

On Instagram, the rider asked his followers what he and his steed should do next. And people were quick to offer ideas.

Professional boxer Anthony Yarde suggested that he go for 200 chicken nuggets next time.

Many followers also thanked The Blessed Equestrian for making them smile. And countless others admitted that they too have been wanting to try riding their horses through a drive-thru.

“This is amazing!” a fan wrote. “Might try this brother.”

“Omg,” added another. “Why has this been a big big goal of mine to pull up at a drive-through on horse?”

Though one person admitted that they tried the same stunt at a Burger King, and the manager refused service. So It’s clear that anyone who wants TikTok fame should stick with Mcdonald’s or maybe try a Wendys. And judging from the comments, it’s likely that horses will become a common sight in drive-thrus in the future.