Man Sleeping in His Van Wakes Up to Find Huge Bear Crawling on Windshield: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

One man woke up to a frightening sight recently as he spent the night camping. He also gained first-hand knowledge about how much weight a windshield can take as a mischievous bear scales his van early one morning.

The Unexpected Visitor Was Loving the Climbing Opportunities That Come With The ‘Van Life’

When sleeping in the great outdoors one rarely needs an alarm clock. Nature has its own way of nudging us awake with a gorgeous sunrise, musical bird tweets, or even a cool morning mist welcoming campers into a new day. However, nature has other, less relaxing ways of waking us up in the great outdoors. A fact that one self-proclaimed “van-lifer” learned the hard way!

When “van-lifer” Michael Dietrich woke up recently while sleeping in his van with his dog he noticed that a nosy neighbor in the form of a curious bear was trying to visit him. Thankfully, Dietrich was able to get it all on video for us all to watch as the furry intruder scales his windshield. The determined bear was so focused that it was hardly scared off when Dietrich honks the van’s horn.

In the hilarious clip, we see the curious bear as it climbs on the van’s windshield…trying to climb up to the very top of the van it seems while Michael and his dog remain safely (for now) inside. After a few seconds, Michael Dietrich honks the horn in the van, hoping to scare the furry visitor away.

The horn honk does deter the bear temporarily. However, after a short break, the animal resumes van-climbing.

“Excuse Me, Bear. Please Climb Off My Van, I’m Trying To Sleep!”

“Excuse me,” the “van lifer” writes in the Instagram post.

“[C]an you please get off my van,” Dietrich continues in the shocking Insta post.

“I was trying to sleep in,” he jokes. Dietrich then tells viewers that watching the clip until the end will give us all a good laugh. Which, it does.

As the seconds-long video continues, the bear remains determined to get onto the top of the van. Eventually, the video moves from the windshield and the picture shows the inside of the van and eventually a close-up of a wrist. We, of course, are wondering where the bear is at this point!

After a few seconds, we get to see what the intruding bear is up to…and it’s checking out what’s going inside of the van! The video moves to the passenger side window and we soon see that the bear is peering in, making eye contact with the viewer…and Dietrich.

It’s a hilarious video as we watch the determined bear. Well, it’s hilarious until we start to think about all of the damage the visitor likely left behind.