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Man Swims With Alligators While Wearing Absurd Disguise

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

“The best way to catch an alligator without stressing the alligator out is to be the alligator.”

Unusual words, for sure. But, we suppose if one wants to swim among the alligators this may be the best way to do so…by disguising oneself as the animal. Even if the alligator disguise makes the swimmer look quite absurd.

That’s exactly what Gary Saurage of Beaumont Texas does in a recent YouTube video. Saurage has made a career out of trying to get up close and personal with deadly gators in the Texas park known as “Gator Country.” To do this, the alligator catcher puts together a suit that, based on his comments in the video, Gary Saurage believes will let him blend in with these massive wild animals.

Gary even tries this tactic with a reptile known as “Big Al” who just happens to be the largest gator in the state of Texas. We suppose that is a good selling point for Saurage’s wild outfit. Maybe the Texas man is onto something if he can fool an alligator like Big Al with the getup!

Blending Into The Group Of Territorial Alligators Isn’t Necessarily The Safest Bet

The video is extra wild as it is set to a series of adrenaline-boosting AC/DC hits while the gator expert suites up dressed as a gator and moves in closer to the humongous reptiles.

“For years, I have caught thousands of live alligators in the wild,” Saurage explains in the video. But, he adds, “nothing, I mean nothing, has ever been more dangerous than looking like an alligator.” Why you wonder? Well, because alligators are notoriously territorial.

The suit consists of dark clothing – a shirt and a pair of camo pants. The suit also includes a back piece designed to look like an alligator’s back and a specially designed headpiece. This piece is designed to look like an alligator if it were peering out of a body of water.

Initially, Gary sidles up to the gators as they lay outside of the water. He crouches down a few feet away, posing himself as if he were one of the gator crew. The animals seem to notice Gary, and a few of the gators act a little agitated at first. It’s hard to tell if they see Gary is a non-gator outsider or if they think he is an alligator looking to encroach on their territory. Soon, however, it seems clear that it is the latter. Once Gary stands up and shows the animals he is human they immediately scatter…retreating into the safety of the water.

Soon, the gator expert takes it to the next level, stepping into the water and attempting to swim…or wade…among the gigantic gators. He slowly moves into the deeper end, posing himself as if he is a gator resting in the pond. And, the others don’t seem to mind!